Megachurch pastor John Hagee is warning his San Antonio congregation and international following of a “world-shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015.”

Hagee, founder of the Cornerstone Church, points to “four blood moons,” a rare astronomical event of four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses, known as a tetrad, which begins April 15.

Hagee points out that each eclipse will occur on a date with religious significance. He asserts this signifies a major event that will change history in a book released in October, a series of sermons and a TV special airing on Tuesday, the first night of the tetrad. Hagee says to “have them fall on these exact dates is something that has to be beyond coincidental."

Hagee cited Acts 2:19-20: “And I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.”

“When you see these signs, the Bible says, lift up your head and rejoice, your redemption draweth nigh,” Hagee said in a sermon. “I believe that the Heavens are God's billboard, that He has been sending signals to Planet Earth but we just have not been picking them up.”

The televangelist used a similar gimmick to gain international attention two years ago in a series of sermons asking, “Could 2012 be the end of the world as we know it?”  The sermons were broadcast to millions worldwide via his organization John Hagee Ministries and Global Evangelism Television. Embarrassingly for Hagee: when 2012 ended the world as we knew it remained the same.

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People who are so anxious for the world to end or are prepping for social collapse probably have shitty lives and are just hoping for a great equalizer.

I have been reading some of the copious writings concerning the collapse of cultures/civilizations, so far none of it has mentioned lunar eclipses. Comets, earth quakes, volcanoes, revolution, invasions, environmental mis-management, etc, do appear commonly in the cultural records, but not all of it is linked for causation/correlation to any degree of reliability. I expect that if the Cornerstone Church fails directly after this eclipse cycle, we as survivors get to fight over their remains, and once again 'being right for the wrong reasons' will be entered into history.

I am looking forward to this wonderful cycle of eclipses, but do not expect that any devilish happenings will appear without human 'actors' to carry them out. I now have another fun reason to watch our local conservative churches for any 'divergent' trends.

"Friends of TA' could enter their observations city by city, with pictures of the vast carnage(simulated), dog & cats living together(simulated), and body counts(simulated) over the coming weeks. Will the 'full moons' over the coming weeks offer greater grounds for an 'enhanced murder rate'?

Will the 'Hagee Red Moon Purge' yield interesting copy for that next stage of biblical commentaries?

I can just about see the first front page newspaper entries, 'Hagee Red Mooned by Astronomy'. Cosmos finds new material with Hagee as lap puppet.'


If Howard Camping's repeated faceplants wasn't enough to get peoples' attention, why will this be any different?

Just went outside and took a look...nice. :)


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