Fossils evidence for the flood and ordered function of hydrogen = creator? What?

I was talking to a creationist that said this to me: "Fossils buried under 125 million cubic sqare miles is evidence of the flood because no one has ever accounted for the sediments that came to cover all living things on earth." He also said "The ordered function of hydrogen working inside of us is evidence that our Maker is the Maker of all matter in the universe consisting primarily of hydrogen."

I honestly don't think he even knows what he's talking about, so could anybody here clue me in? Are these common arguments and if so could anybody point me to some resources?

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I actually did ask him what he's talking about and he didn't give me an answer, he just went on to say "Since you have not explained the origin of the 125 million cubic miles of sediments covering every living thing there ever was on earth, there is nothing you can say about mutations because it is the fossils in those sediments that are unchanged.

You have not bothered to face the truth." That's why I asked on here. I know we can explain layers of sediments, but it sounds like he's saying that he thinks that it's covered every living thing on Earth and fossilized it, which just makes no sense because we're lucky that we have fossils at all, most things just decay. And since I didn't explain the sediments that means I can't say anything about genetic mutations accumulating, because the fossils are in the sediments???

For scale, 125M mi^2 means a layer of sediment more than 1/2 mi thick over the whole earth (average). Obviously, it ain't covering everything now (e.g. Canadian Shield). And fossils generally are found without digging too far down. Being "buried under" sediment isn't right. Fossils are *in* the sediment. If there were fossils *under* all that sediment, then we'd've had to dig through what's left of it.... No such digs, to the best of my knowledge.

And what the hell is an "ordered function"?

I suspect your creationist is just another ignoramus who needs the Cher treatment:

2nd best advice: always start by asking for sources - ask the creationist for the source of the (laughable) statement he/she makes.

I recently attended a lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and one of the topics he covered was how the proportion or elements in the universe is pretty much the same as the proportion of elements in living things on Earth (except neon, which is one of those snobby noble gasses). That strongly suggests that we were made from the same stuff as the rest of the universe, and not created specially via divine fingersnap.


Also, I'd like to echo Filippo and ask what the hell "ordered function" means.

You got me on that one, I tried googling it and didn't find anything useful. He also tried to tell me that I believe that things have 'magical powers' to 'order functions', I went on to tell him that i don't believe things have magical powers and that he's the one that believes a giant wizard in the sky created everything... Then from the way he talked it sounded like he thought the way physics and chemistry work = Magic... The best part was that he told me "Explore the nano and quantum functions in life forms that require a Maker." (I assume he's talking about physics now??) I asked him basically if that were the case why are the majority of physicists Atheists? Haven't heard back from him. lol.

Oh dear. When someone starts bringing in quantum woo, then they are probably too far gone to see reason.

Wow.  The total ignorance of this magic guy is cosmological in scope.  Forget Cher, this guy needs some Les Grossman ( :)

Love the vid, lol.

Thunderf00t made a series called "Why do people laugh at creationists?" I don't think he did nearly enough justice towards creationist stupidity. Granted, it is hard to surpass the guy that claimed the earth split in half and ejected water at the moon, causing the craters, and claiming that the water that makes up comets came from Noah's flood...

On the bright side though things like this make me really want to learn more about science.

The man is an idiot, he's talking through his hat
Ask the person if he has any idea what the term "sediment" means. Then ask if he has any idea how long a billion years is. Then ask if he might pull the ordered function of his own head out from inside his own ass and read a high school chemistry chapter about hydrogen.


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