The organizers of the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief concert at Fort Bragg, NC have been forced to cancel the event because the authorities there have withdrawn their promised support for the event. Rock Beyond Belief was organized in response to Fort Bragg’s overwhelming sponsorship, endorsement, and support of a Christian evangelical event called Rock the Fort. When atheists and secularists around the country protested the government’s support of this event and requested it be canceled, officials at Fort Bragg stated that the same level of support would be provided to anyone who organized a similar event. That has now proven to be untrue, as demonstrated by the actions of Fort Bragg officials.


The actions Fort Bragg officials took against Rock Beyond Belief included denying the use of an outdoor venue, denying financial support, and demanding that any advertisement or sponsorship clearly state that Fort Bragg did no support or endorse the event. However, Fort Bragg previously provided Rock the Fort the requested outside venue, provided thousands of dollars in financial support, and freely promoted the event.

Here are some ways you can help:


What do you guys think of this?

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It's only a concert, right? Maybe, but it involves government and military funding of and preference to religious venues that that tout converting over 700 soldiers to Christ. I've been searching for something on this order to stir me into being proactive. This seems to fit that bill. Thanks for sharing this!
It's funny because christians are so "persecuted" *sarcasm*
Speaking from a military perspective, this disgusts me.  I joined the Corp to protect freedom in this country, only to see stories about the government supporting the xians shoving their religion down everyone's throats.  And people ask me why I'm such an aggressive atheist!


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