I usually don't get relatives emailing or Facebook posting religious material to me. Even the ones that haven't realized I'm atheist (my Facebook profile does reflect it), have figured out I don't care to receive the religious propaganda. But once in awhile someone feels inspired to challenge me, or maybe just accidentally adds me to the list. I'm usually passive in my responses (if I respond) to the religious stuff; but when the facts are wrong I'm usually brutal with my response.

Anyway, to the topic at-hand. I received an email entitled UNTIMELY DEATHS that details "facts" about people who died because the mocked Yahweh.

*Spoiler ale... er... um... Heads-up... Here comes a paste of it...

DID YOU KNOW THESE FACTS? I SURE DIDNT TILL NOW! Death is certain but the Bible speaks about untimely death! Make a personal reflection about this.....
Very interesting, read until the end.....
It is written in the Bible (Galatians 6:7):
'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.'

Here are some men and women who mocked God:

John Lennon (Singer): Some years before, during his interview with an American Magazine, he said: 'Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, today we are more famous than Him' (1966).

Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times.

Tancredo Neves (President of Brazil ): During the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency.

Sure he got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made President, then he died.

Cazuza (Bi-sexual Brazilian composer, singer and poet): During A show in Canecio ( Rio de Janeiro ), while smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said:'God, that's for you.'

He died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in a horrible manner.

The man who built the Titanic: After the construction of Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said: 'Not even God can sink it'

The result: I think you all know what happened to the Titanic

Marilyn Monroe (Actress): She was visited by Billy Graham during a presentation of a show. He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her. After hearing what the Preacher had to say, she said: 'I don't need your Jesus'.

A week later, she was found dead in her apartment

Bon Scott (Singer): The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his 1979 songs he sang: 'Don't stop me; I'm going down all the way, down the highway to hell'.

On the 19th of February 1980 , Bon Scott was found dead, he had been choked by his own vomit.

Campinas (IN 2005): In Campinas, Brazil a group of friends, drunk, went to pick up a friend..... The mother accompanied her to the car and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends and she said to the daughter holding her hand, who was already seated in the car: 'My Daughter, Go With God And May He Protect You.' She responded: 'Only If He (God) Travels In The Trunk, Cause Inside Here.....It's Already Full'

Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died, the car could not be recognized what type of car it had been, but surprisingly, the trunk was intact. The police said there was no way the trunk could have remained intact. To their surprise, inside the trunk was a crate of eggs, none was broken.

Christine Hewitt (Jamaican Journalist and entertainer) said the Bible (Word of God) was the worst book ever written.

In June 2006 she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle.

Many more important people have forgotten that there is no other name that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus.

Many have died, but only Jesus died and rose again, and he is still alive.

Of course its formatted obnoxiously, and ends with guilt-ing you about sending, as well as promising luck for sending.

So... Here's my response. Just thought I'd bounce it of all my fine friends here. Additionally, if you've gotten this email too, feel free to utilize the response(s) here. Thanks!


What a vindictive, spiteful, cruel, and petty god Yahweh must be. To take the time to “smite” a couple non-believers and “blasphemers;” while he sends hundreds to their death fighting in his name everyday, sends 39 to a death by cancer everyday, sends 7,991 to a death by AIDS everyday, and kills 26,000 children everyday by starvation.

+++++ +++++ +++++

The Jon Lennon quote is not accurate, here is the actual quote: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first — rock and roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

At that time in history, they were more popular than Jesus; worldwide every show sold out and people waited in line for days to see them. You couldn’t say the same for the people lined up at church. He made a prediction and stated a fact.

Lennon was an inspiring icon of poetry and music, he apposed war and preached peace; and thirty years after his death is still selling music and inspiring generations.

Furthermore, that quote was from 1966; he was not killed until 1980. You’d think an all-powerful being could get around to the “smiting” a little quicker than 14 years. Mark David Chapman who murdered Lennon was an insane fundamental Christian, who thought he was a god when he was younger, and figured himself the devil at some point in his adult life. A shining example of the Christian community.

+++++ +++++ +++++

There is no evidence outside this email that Tancredo Neves ever said that; no evidence anywhere else. Neves was a large proponent in bringing Brazil out of its authoritarian regime, and end the military dictatorship. Brazil’s current “New Republic” democracy is largely owed to him. He died over a month after falling ill; and does carry the honorific as a “President of Brazil” despite never swearing in.

+++++ +++++ +++++

Again, no evidence outside this email that Agenor Miranda Araújo Neto (also known as Cazuza) ever made that quote. Additional he did not die of lung cancer, but instead died of AIDS-related causes. Cazuza is regarded as one of the greatest contributors to Brazilian rock. He also played a key role in changing the public’s perception of people with AIDS.

+++++ +++++ +++++

So the email implies that for a shipbuilder saying “Not even God can sink it,” Yahweh sent over 1500 innocent people to their death. Talk about overkill; couldn’t he just give him a heart attack, or make him fall over board? But in reality Thomas Andrews, the builder of the Titanic, never said these words. That quote actually comes from the character Cal Hockley, who was played by Billy Zane in the 1997 movie, Titanic.

Although Andrews joked once about it being unsinkable, when asked in seriousness he replied “Truth be known, no ship is unsinkable. The bigger the ship, the easier it is to sink her. I proposed all the watertight compartments and the double hull to slow these ships from sinking. In that way, you get everyone off. There's time for help to arrive, and the ship's less likely to break apart and kill someone while she's goin' down.”

The building of the Titanic was funded by J.P. Morgan; pressure from Morgan and J. Bruce Ismay resulted in safeguards designed by Andrews being removed during construction. Andrew’s brilliant engineering work was lost, along with many lives, quite possibly due to the pressures of rich men wanting to meet a deadline. At the time of its debut, there was no larger passenger steamship ever seen, a true engineering feat.

+++++ +++++ +++++

As for Marilyn Monroe and Billy Graham, that’s all farce. Graham has stated that he never met Marilyn. He describes waking up once “with the burden to pray for her.”

+++++ +++++ +++++

Poets and songwriters use whatever fits to make their song work; “Highway to Hell” is actually quite catchy. Bon Scott even implied that it was the best piece of poetry that fit with the rest of the lyrics. Besides, he did not die from chocking on his own vomit; he died of alcohol poisoning. Thirty years later his music is still selling. His grave site in Australia is rated on their top twenty tourist attractions; and Australia also lists it as a “heritage site.”

+++++ +++++ +++++

The Campinas Brazil car accident story is pure urban legend; there are no verifiable or corroborative facts in the story.

+++++ +++++ +++++

If there was a movie that condoned violence, murder, infanticide, genocide, rape, and incest; would that be considered a “good” movie? What about a book? The Bible contains and condones all these; when you examine some of the stories closely, it is quite possibly one of the worst books ever written.

Christine Hewitt helped advance women’s equality in Jamaica; and was a positive force for peaceful political change of a corrupt government.

+++++ +++++ +++++

All these people (the ones that were real) achieved greatness within their lifetime and contributed to society. Many still live on in memories of thousands. What more can most people ask for?

Besides which, who ever heard of a “timely death?” I bet if you could ask them after-the-fact, most people would not consider their death timely.

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"At that time in history, they were more popular than Jesus; worldwide every show sold out and people waited in line for days to see them. You couldn’t say the same for the people lined up at church. He made a prediction and stated a fact.

Lennon was an inspiring icon of poetry and music, he apposed war and preached peace; and thirty years after his death is still selling music and inspiring generations."

I think you should leave out that first part, since you're criticizing them for not having their facts right. I'm sure the Beatles were not actually more popular than Jesus - he was using hyberbole, and you probably shouldn't try to argue that he was actually right. Also, you spelled "opposed" incorrectly in the second paragraph.

I totally agree with doone and had been thinking this same thing. What about all the nice Christian people who have died in car accidents or have been murdered? Where was their god then? Was it too busy off killing people who mocked it to pay attention to the innocent Christians who needed its help?

Good for you for responding so thoroughly. Have you checked out snopes and break the chain for additional facts?
Thanks for the spell-check Laura; and I think I'll take your advice on dropping that paragraph.

Yea, Snopes is a favorite. They don't have anything for this one specifically yet; but I managed to glean a few details from there. I'll check Break the Chain, thanks for the tip.
No problem. This crazy e-mail is still bothering me. I was thinking about it today on my bike ride to work. I decided that I would probably do a parody e-mail that listed a bunch of real people who have died after saying good things about the christian god - that girl at Columbine who said she believed in god and was then shot, Oscar Romero (killed saying mass), etc. Then I'd point out that Zeus gets angry when people worship other gods and that this is clearly proof of it. And then I'd say that I, of course, don't believe that, because just like the people listed in their e-mail, these were innocent human beings, and I would have to be a really hateful person to suggest that their deaths were deserved or orchestrated by a higher power.

Of course, this is just me venting, Your response is great the way it is.
a couple other nice things condoned by the bible are slavery and stoning your children to death
See.. that's what I said. For anyone that opposes abortion, you could, by Biblical rights just either sacrifice them in god's name or wait until they get old enough to tell you 'no' and stone them! No need for a costly procedure....
Be sure to send that forward to everyone that was on the list that you received. (I've found that most fundies don't understand the CC function) Oh yeah, pretty please let us know if you get a response?
Replied (to all) Friday, and pasted it on Facebook as a note... No responses... Yet...
Anxiously waiting.. still.

I posted the Dr. Tiller/Where will women go now blog as a note on FB and myspace and twitter. Not a single word from anyone. Cowards!
Well presented. Just shows that some can be told the ridiculous and they will believe it.
End religion as it is, promoting evil if you do not believe everything you are gold, Just one religion we can all understand. BE GOOD AND DO NOT BELIEVE ALL YOU ARE TOLD.
Thanks for posting this. I got this email and it was bugging me so much because I knew it must be an exaggeration. I couldn't find it on Snopes, but saw this. So, thank you for posting because I couldn't get it out of my head either. Was this email supposed to scare me into believing???


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