former xians and looking forward to my new life as an atheist

my name is Richard
i'm a new and proud ATHEIST :)
i was raised in a christian home and brainwashed by my parents about religion and God was good and all that.
throughout the years, i began to have questions ,fundamentals questions about life and how things happen such as if that god loves me then why does he allow things like this to happen.
The last couple of years has been hectic for me ,my wife and kids..we've endured so many trials and hardship in our lives and i was still blindly following that god and begging him to help our family and save us to no response.i started to really have doubt and talked about it to fellow christians and even to the senior pastor but i was astounded that they had no answer for me .they had no clear answer for me except the typical stupid christians theology"everything happens for a reason! god wants you to learn something from it that is why he's allowing this to happen bla... bla...
6 months ago, i decided that i could no longer be a christian and go to church because i do believe this god doesnt exist .i made that announcement on morning at a christian men's group from my church.
the huge uproar started not long after that.i was called names such as devil 's worshiper,i was told that i had no moral value and selfish and they even wondered if i was possessed by the devil .
Peoples that we knew from that church and group .completely shunned our entire family .they basically cast us away like if we had the plague.
and to top it off , the company i was working decided to let me go for some stupid of teh district manager there was one of my friend from church(coincidence?)
anyway! things have drastically changed for the worst for our family.we're on the verge of being on the street because our unemployment benefits ended and i still havent been able to find a job to provide for my wife and 4 small kids.
All because i dared to ask questions and i dare dto speak my mind.
the reactions and retaliations from those so called "peaceful,loving,caring "christians folks was a big shock for me and my family.
ive never encountered so much hatred and bigotry from peoples that i thought i knew well fro years.
Our families was completely disown and turn away from .
Christian Right bigots who seem to revel in promoting anti-atheist prejudice.its so scary !
I've realized that Coming out as an atheist in any manner, but especially in a very public manner, is dangerous and made even more dangerous by Christians in America. My family and i, we had to pay a dear heavy price for it.but we will not back down! we will not let them beat us down . and somehow i feel a certain peace in me .that somehow i no longer have to hide my feelings and pretend to be someone that i wasn't on sunday.
i try to tell myself every morning ,i'm an atheist and damn proud of it ,i'm strong,i'm powerful,i overcome,and no damn christians are not going to convince me or tell me otherwise.
they wanted to make our family pay for our beliefs and feelings .they succeed in doing that but they will not bent us down.
I just wanted to share my testimonies on how christians can be very vicious and cruel towards folks who dont share their views.
and i look forward to meeting and knowing everyone on the site

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Welcome to the community.  I'm so sorry to hear that you've been through as much as you have.  We don't have all the answers here either, but I for one am always willing to listen.  Sounds like you have some tough decisions ahead.  If you haven't come across it yet, this website looks like a great place to get more information on help that's available for you and your family - Assistance for Unemployed California.  

Kindest Regards,


I think Atheism is something that is growing in this country. Maybe there have been Atheists all along, but people are just now coming out and being open about who they are and what they do and don't believe. I think Atheism is the new "gay" where is has taken the gay community decades to be accepted and they are still fighting a tough battle. We will be for years to come. Many Christians don't think of Atheism as a legitimate protected belief when it comes to freedom of religion. They'll protect anything but "no religion." 

I'm sorry you and your family have had to deal with such a hard blow. I think it's terrible that Christians think it's ok to shun people this way rather than respect your beliefs and wish you the best. From personal experience, I think many of them feel personally betrayed in these kinds of cases because they've made it their life's work to shepherd people into the flock, but they don't know how to handle it when someone in their flock wants to leave. They are offended and it's really beyond their comprehension how you could know all the same things they know and come to a different conclusion. I'm like you just doesn't add up when you use logic. I also don't like feeling like there is always something weighing me down, looking over my shoulder, and judging me. 

Atheists need to open up more with each other so we know we're not alone. I wish you well.


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