I made a claim today that I should not have done without having specific examples in mind (and if this has been discussed before, please let me know).


My claim is that god is bipolar. Of course, there are other mental disorders we could label him with, but this is the one I want to explore.


It is evidenced initially by creation of the world.... he worked for 6 days with no sleep, and thought everything was good. (manic stage) and then he destroyed the world in a flood (depressed stage).  But what else is there?


I found this article later, and while it was amusing, its not quite the concrete, biblical evidence I want, though it does make reference to a few books.

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Thank you for getting the conversation back on topic.  I will look at the link more later on.  I enjoyed the SAB site last night. 


This was supposed to be a fun little conversation, and should have been a lot less heated.  We all KNOW there is no real god, christian or otherwise, but there are people out there that refute the fact.  I think rather than arguing over evolution and science til you are blue in the face, changing it up can be more useful.  Pointing out character flaws rather than fossil records allows for LESS argument, imo.



Bipolar is a possibility, but I prefer the narcissistic psychopath theory.  Especially since that is the type of person who would found a cult and inevitably design a "god" after his own inner self.





go for the easy ones, for instancce:


thou shall not kill- but honor killings, genocide, infantcide, human sacrefice, religiously motivated killings, and murder of homosexuals are not only allowed- they are an expected duty of the believer!

Thank you, Becky.  This was, arguably, the single most helpful reply.


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