I made a claim today that I should not have done without having specific examples in mind (and if this has been discussed before, please let me know).


My claim is that god is bipolar. Of course, there are other mental disorders we could label him with, but this is the one I want to explore.


It is evidenced initially by creation of the world.... he worked for 6 days with no sleep, and thought everything was good. (manic stage) and then he destroyed the world in a flood (depressed stage).  But what else is there?


I found this article later, and while it was amusing, its not quite the concrete, biblical evidence I want, though it does make reference to a few books.

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ok, ok.... you twisted my arm.  I love you forever, especially after that video you showed me.  But in return for my love, you must get my name right.  :)
Moria - my apologies. Maybe I am not infallible after all :)
The problem is that for God to have a neurological disorder he would have to have neurons, which means a brain, which means a body, which means he wouldn't be God. He isn't bipolar, but the character does display some incredible borderline symptoms. The fact is that he was created to be an asshole and thus he is to this day. Luckily it's only a story.
That's what my point was supposed to be too. I guess I didn't make it quite clear. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
I agree also but my point is this, how much water will your argument hold with theist? They all attribute emotions like love, compassion and such to there god anyway. Your point is very well based in science but if that is what they understood they we could convert them all with reason. Some don't understand science or think this god lives outside it's laws so an appeal to another area my have more effect. If they think he is all love and forgiveness they don't care about the science but if they see through the flowery wording to what it means they may see the cruel nature of the bible and have doubts. That's a good start I would think. If science fails( and it often does because they reject what they don't understand) then maybe an appeal to emotion may work where the appear to reason failed. Arm yourself with every tool your can is all I'm saying. They wont fail to do so, bet on it. If they can't convince you they will insult you and try to make you give up. They do it to me sometimes. Don't be so one directional, switch tactics when you have to. If you can't make them doubt his existence, make them doubts his nature.
Basically, that would mean for us to trick them into questioning god. Do you really want to do that? I want people to not believe in a god because it's the most logical option for us now; it's not a contest really, and if people are tricked into questioning their god, they do it for the wrong reasons and are more likely to return to their religion after a while. You know, that's how they "operate", they play with your emotions until you give up, and start acting like a goddamn zombie. If we don't do it right why do it at all?
I think your overthinking it, of course this "god" doesn't have neurons, but try to see him as an imaginary black box with output, well maybe more like a black cell phone in the hands of a prophet and all you can see are onesided telephone calls written by this prophet, now, what does this "god" fellow act like?

If you want specific examples... this website IS GOD!! [pun intended!]



That link is good for those who  want to giggle.. it describes the funny side of the bible.

Your not getting me E. Nigma. Don't lie just show them the parts of the bible that god either killed people, condoned rape, murder, slavery, selling of people and such. If you have to lie you haven't read the book. If you talk science to people that don't grasp it, they shrug it off. If science and critical thinking worked for everyone we'd all the godless already. You can't reach everyone so if you just plant the seed of doubt then you've given them a reason to convince themselves. That's more effective sometimes. If you can make them say " did god really do that?" That's the first growth of your seed. There is no right way. Some will see the logic but for some they need to see there loving god kill and order mass rape to say "I don't want to worship this thing." Ever notice how many of them have never read there own book? I have.

...if you show the murder, rape, what this false god thinks of women...


That's what we should focus on. The underlined stuff. If you can get them to doubt the existence of any god, then it doesn't matter whether that god is good or evil, it's just how the people have made "him" look. That's where the seed of doubt should be planted. They should start doubting it's existence, not it's capability for doing wicked things to people for no good reason. I don't want people to not believe in god, I want people to not believe there is a god.



This is my reply to your original post. I don't know why you deleted it. Your post hasn't really changed, it's only shorter, so I'll keep my reply.

I have to side with BryanPaul here. One can't simply scream something to the effect of "Your God isn't real" to a theist and expect results. Your first step in dealing with a theist is to demonstrate, preferably with their own texts, that their God is nothing like what they claim him to be (i.e. a loving god who is actually more of a vengeful genocidal maniac). Once they let go of the idea that their God is anything like what they think he was it becomes easier to demonstrate that he does not exist. Fallibility of the textual evidence becomes fallibility of God himself.


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