So apparently I am not touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Hopefully most of you are familiar with the concept of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, henceforth referred to as FSM. If not, the FSM is a satirical deity created to poke fun at and make a point to religious people. It stems from the religious argument "Well, you can't prove there ISN'T a god." The counter argument is then "well you can't prove there isn't a Flying Spaghetti Monster either." If you want to know more about this, go ahead and Google it; you will get paaaaages full of this stuff.

And that is almost the problem. Following the FSM, or Pastafarianism, has its own gospel (in book form that you can buy!), rules, and websites devoted to this satire of religion. I am a craft/knit fanatic, and I have Stumbled upon numerous FSM craft projects/artwork/costumes. While many of them are cute...I just can't shake this feeling of frustration...

I just sort of feel that FSM (and other things like the Invisible Pink Unicorn) are more of a waste of time and efforts than anything. The majority of people involved in FSM are atheists/agonostics/etc anyways. Now before you call me a kill joy, I think the FSM thing is clever. The fact that a "religion" has been created around a pasta-deity is fun satire and makes a point. I have giggled over the gospel snippets I have come across. Some of the FSM projects I have found are amazing and show incredible talent.

But why not use that talent and creativity to help the actual movement? Put that time into a freethinker organization. I also think that it makes us less credible with religious people. I've talked to Christians about FSM, and they don't see it so much as a mock of their religion. They see it as a bunch of atheists they can't take seriously. With the Christian Right already thinking we are a bunch of nutcase heathens, we need to have every scrap of credibility and respect we can muster to keep religion out of government and all that.

It may be fun and amusing, but at the end of the day, I just don't feel that the whole FSM thing is going to help make reason and logic the highest power in our society. I am interested, nay, quite eager, to hear what some of you think.

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"I also think that it makes us less credible with religious people."

Our Flying Spaghetti Monster is just as credible as their God. If theists reject one, then it isn't our fault they can't take the next logical step to reject the other, or at least be open to the possibility of rejecting the other.

You're right that it exists for a good laugh, but it also symbolizes the stance against intelligent design. I don't think it's any more outlandish than Swift suggesting the Irish eat babies, and at least the FSM isn't taught in classrooms - that I know of.
Oooo A Modest Proposal.

I understand what you are saying pamelot, but I just don't agree with the, shall we say, fighting fire with fire thing. You have to understand how these people think. Christians, at least the dangerous fundamental ones, don't see the connection between their god and FSM. To us it is a valid argument, but they only feel insulted and defend their god stronger. You're right that it isn't our fault that they can't take it one step further, but it is still our problem. I know that FSM has done some good, and can be used as a way to keep ID out of schools, for instance (if you teach one creation story, you gotta teach 'em all). I just don't know if making up more fake deities to prove a point is the best answer. Logic does not work on people with *shudder* faith.
It was quite unpredictable wasn't it, how FSM took on a life of its own. It started out as a letter of protest and became a fully "functioning" religion not long after. I can see how you would say it's detrimental to the overall cause because it's diluting the anti-mythology message atheists are trying to convey and we are a force that should be reckoned with.
Personally, I think the humor of the group trumps everything else. Unlike some Christians who are quite humorless, FSM proves nothing is to be taken seriously, especially when you are talking about the "spiritual" world. It's along the lines of there are no sacred cows. It goes to show that atheists are a dysfunctional lot and how some express their atheism manifests itself in unusual ways. My favorite picture is seeing pirates at a Fred Phelps (God Hates Fags) counter protest. Sometimes you can't fight anger with anger. Sometimes you fight with light-hearted humor and costumes.
who cares if we are less credible in front of religious people , they are incredible we are just laughing at them with FSM , why would you want to be credible to these ridiculous fanatics, i think you may have this all wrong, WE are the credible ones in this war on intelligence , and personally i really don't need some jack ass religious idiots respect , i have realty, and people are crossing over to our side its in fact because we are not angry at them and we just make fun of it that people are starting to see the hummer of it all .
If xitianity would change to Santa Claus as their central character rather than a dead jew on a stick their religion might actually be more relevant today. Make life a joyous celebration instead of hell-fire and brimstone. One of the big problems with religions is they take themselves too seriously and I would hate to see atheists fall into the same trap. No sense throwing off a repressive shackle if you are not going to enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

The demographics for the FSM crowd appears to be towards the young side so anything that gets kids and young adults thinking of alternatives to their parents mind set or societal rules can't be bad. Let 'em have some fun with it while young. The people of my generation used "sex, drugs and rock & roll" together with serious activism to tear down a lot of walls and barriers. I think it may have been the enticement of the first part that led many to the second.
I agree that it detracts from the seriousness, and credibility of Atheists to tout the FSM, and Pirate Imagery as the face of Atheist thought. It looks juvenile, and silly. More the antics of adolescents than the actions of reasoned individuals with a serious philosophical point to make. I fear that many of these Pirate, and FSM logoed Atheists are just in it for the Lulz, as a way to rebel against society. You often will see the same or similar bunch of child minded simpletons praising Satan. If they are Atheist then they do not believe in Satan either, but this is all part of the typical rebellious phase that many children go through.


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