1: It is okay to hate certain people

The Bible's teachings about loving your neighbor only apply to certain people. It does not apply to people who belong to other religions (including other denominations of Christianity),are homosexual, want abortion legal, did not vote Republican, or want evolution taught in schools. All of these people deserve to burn in hell. You should be glad if something horrible happens to these people. It is God's judgment on them.

2: The Bible has no errors, and is to be interpreted literally

The Bible can't be wrong. If it says the world was created in six days it was. If it says there was a world wide flood there was. If you don't think so, then you can't be a Christian, and you will burn in hell. If it said 2 + 2 = 5, then two plus two would be five.

3: The entire world is evil

The world if full of horrible evil people, which are used by Satan. The whole world is against you, just waiting to lead you astray. Everyone will tell you lies, and you will be tempted with ideas such as evolution. You should live in constant fear of everything in the world. Music, television, movies, and science are all evil. The exception to this is if they are “Christian”.

4: Do not question your belief or the ideas you are taught

It is bad to question the ideas you are taught. You should live in ignorance and just believe.You should only learn science from Christian sources. The other sources are made by evil, ungodly people who believe in evolution. Their ideas do not always agree with what is in the Bible. You should not make friends with people of other religions, it will weaken your faith.

5: Without God you are a horrible, miserable, evil person

You are nothing without God. He is your life. Everything you do should be about him.

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4: Do not question your belief or the ideas you are taught

this is so true . it is sicking
btw... You forgot the part about only having to practice the parts you want to. The part against adulterers and fornicators, not as important as homosexuals. (same book of bible. The part about selling belongings and giving to the poor... just kidding, Pray, that will help.

As a foreign resident of China (in Shanghai) reading this post, it occurred to me that all these truths about Christianity are also true of the status quo here. Chinese sheeple are taught that it's okay to hate others (especially anyone not Chinese); that their government is always right and never wrong; that Chinese are good and everyone else (especially Americans) is bad; that they should never question anything they are told (by parents, teachers, bosses, media, government); that without the Party, the country would descend into decadence.


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