There are four moons that orbit Jupiter and one that orbits Saturn that are roughly the size of our own moon, are beautiful, have very unique features, one likely has a subsurface liquid water ocean, two others may too, one has liquid methane lakes (as liquid methane has a very low freezing point), one even has plumes of (most likely) water spewing out of the surface at incredible pressure. It means these are the best bets for the possibility of some extraterrestrial life. 


Titan most certainly has some kind of surface liquid (the best guess is something close to methane) meaning it may have a liquid cycle (somewhat like Earth's water cycle) and there is always the possibility of some strange life forming as liquid methane stays a liquid at temperatures well below zero. No one quite has any details per how. But it is a beautiful planet and worth visiting! 


This is the most gorgeous moon (or even planet) for me and also the most interesting. It has an extremely smooth surface made of silicate, has a very light oxygen atmosphere, possibly has a liquid water ocean under the crust and there may even be melt layers of water which might explain the beautiful red streaks. Also it shares the name with Europe which is the continent with the most Atheists or non-believers in God, the highest concentration of generous humanistic socialist-governments, very yummy fresh croissants in the morning and, of course, the birth place of the "I'm a barbie girl" song.


Calisto is one of the oldest and is definitely the most cratered object in the solar system. It is rock and ice, possibly has a liquid ocean under the crust (but at 100km from the surface we won't be visiting it any time soon) and also has some particularly beautiful craters with double and triple rings. It is so utterly cratered that it's hard to fine one square km that doesn't show signs of impact. It's also a pretty moon that looks something like a teenagers face after eating too many pizza pockets.


This might be where we hit the jackpot. While it's the least spectacular in colours or features, it is larger than Mercury, has a notable atmosphere and almost certainly has a very large internal ocean. It has water ice all over it's surface (meaning you'll have no problems making mojitos or margaritas). There is an atmosphere that likely contains some oxygen (though you'll still need to wear a helmet if you don't want to become a popsicle in a matter of seconds). All of the moons have a surface temperature well below . There are planned projects to land on Ganymede and bore through the crust to analyse the subsurface water. A couple hitches that delay the European space agency is first no clear idea how they'll bore though the surface and their terrible record at landing things on far away rocks.


We shouldn't expect Io to have any ocean of any kind because there's next to no water anywhere on the planet. It's also highly volcanic meaning a landing would have to be very well executing considering the massive plumes from volcano eruptions and lava flows that cover hundreds of kilometers. I wouldn't quite call it a pretty moon but it is certainly the most beautiful of all moons composed of two vowels and no consonants. It is covered by a lot of frosty sulfur so it's not a place one would go to for a casual picnic. 

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Heh heh heh

Davis is mooning us

I think Titan is the one some push to focus on most, but, I think we should first debug the colonization process on the moon, mars and perhaps Utah.


"we should first debug the colonization process on the moon, mars and perhaps Utah."

Utah is too difficult, besides it's already been colonized by the Mormons.

Nice places to think about and look at the pictures.  They really don't seem like places where life is possible.

So awesome!!!!!!!! Callisto is SO Pretty!!

As soon as Elon Musk gets that damn rocket working right I'm buying a ticket for a sight-seeing tour.


Its too far and uses too much fuel for a round, if you go sight seeing even on Mars, its for the rest of your life...there's no flights back.

If the tour is closer to Jupiter than to Mars, a trip back is also not likely to be in the that's even further, and so forth.

So, if wanting just a tour, remember that its like the "tour" they depicted on Gilligan's Island, only w/o the tropical paradise, w/o the "rescue", and mostly with professors and no Howells.

I would hope at least for some Mary Annes, as I'm not big on the Ginger Gilligans to sabotage things hopefully either...hhhhm, maybe make all the Mary Annes as hot professors?



This bothers you WHY?

Old age and death comes to all. 

Are you afraid to die on an Orange planet instead of a Blue one?

Going to Mars could/would be the highlight of a person's life.

It's possible he is afraid of a slow death by starvation,  dehydration,  radiation poisoning,  loneliness and atrophy.  But... You do get to float around in the spaceboat and go boing boing on the Martian surface...and play Go Johnny Go when you take off.  Risk analysis: worth it! 

"l" is a vowel now?

As in A E I O U and, sometimes, Y?

This is news?


Despite an almost indefinite number of squiggles we can make, the small letter L is l and the capital letter i is I. If you peer closely, there is a difference, albeit a tiny one. (only kidding, on TA font they're identical)
That Should Be Illegal.


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