This news isn't even an hour old as I write.

Two separate sources are saying that a FISA court (anti-espionage court) indictment has been handed down that covers unPresident Trump, Vice President Pence, and House Speaker Paul Ryan. This leaves Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as next in line for the Office of the President. While I don't relish the idea of a Mormon Republican as President, he seems to be honest and, more importantly, NOT insane.

Raw Story Report on Indictment\

Patribiotics Blog post on how Hatch gains Presidency.

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I'll take whoever at this point! Please let it be true!!!!!!

More Drama...sounds FUN.

Members of the Replican Magisterium will need testicular implants before any action can be taken.

BTW, don't expect any official confirmation of this "news" until the shoe drops and people start being arrested.

or warrants being served.

Currently the story is based on reliable sources. Is there any concrete evidente yet?

Trump's administration is in chaos. 

NOW we find out that Trump gave away sensitive classified information to Russian government operatives. He has the right to do that (the Pres can declassify info at will) BUT the info he gave them was bound by an agreement with a foreign power to keep it confidential, so he did not have the right to divulge it despite his power as President to declassify info. In other words, while it was classified, the US didn't own the info, so the normal right of a President to declassify didn't apply. 

We also learned today that Comey has a memo to himself of a meeting where Trump urged him to leave Gen Flynn alone and stop investigating him. Many interpret this as an obstruction of justice in terms of attempting to interfere with an FBI investigation. That Comey was subsequently fired while Trump opined that the investigation was a partisan attempt by Dems to get revenge for losing an election they should have won.

Even Republicans are appalled and are starting to talk about a full investigation being needed with impeachment and potential removal from office as a result.

Bear in mind, many Republicans see The Trumpster as a "Rino" (Republican in name only). They'd be happy to see some other Republican take his place.

And the public is getting tired of having to deal with one or two crises seemingly every single day.

The White House is total amateur hour. A clown show by an idiot who never even bothered to find out how government works before running for office. In fact, I think the average person understands more about how government works than the President does.

Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll resign.

What's worrying is that reports are that Trump is despondent and depressed and carrying around the nuclear football.  

NOW we find out that Trump gave away sensitive classified information to Russian government operatives.

HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!! I could have told you that months ago...WTF...I seriously do not understand why we are STILL giving him the benefit of the doubt!!!!!!!!!! Pisses me the fuck off!

Donnie T. does have a gun, maybe he will do us all a favor and eat one for the good of the Nation.

(one can hope)


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