Fiona Apple in tears after heckler disparages her body

Apparently some feminist shouted out criticism of Fiona Apple's body.

After close to 90 minutes of Apple and Mills trading off songs and, as they put it, “working sh-t out,” someone in the first balcony yelled out, “Fiona! Get healthy! We want to see you in 10 years!”

Apple, understandably, looked aghast, then hurt, then furious. She unleashed a torrent of vitriol at the unseen member of the peanut gallery. “I am healthy! Who the f-ck do you think you are? I want you to get the f-ck out of here. I want the house lights on so I watch you leave!”

That might have been the end of it -- the house lights did come on, and the shouter did eventually depart -- but the anonymous commenter decided to get one last shot in: “I saw you 20 years ago and you were beautiful!”

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What are your thoughts?

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Not sure why the heckler is labeled a feminist. I would choose the adjectives classless and bossy. Besides, Fiona looks "1970's healthy", you know when people were naturally thinner on the average.

Last concert I went to, some punk was yelling at his girlfriend on his cell phone. I asked him to give it a break and he just kept on going. I had to get security involved and after three more warnings he was escorted out as well.

One recurring theme of feminism has to do with society enforcing what they feel is an unhealthily and unrealistically thin body image that contributes to some girls becoming anorexic and most of the rest feeling constantly haunted with the idea that they may be too fat.

A little googling tells me she has been the subject of anorexia rumors lately.

Anyway, I remember the discussion I got into once with a model I was shooting for a softcore site (open legs poses, etc.). We talked about feminism and her observation was "I didn't throw off thousands of years of male subjugation only to start having women telling me how to think, feel, and behave."

(Yes, I was a porn producer for quite a few years.)

 We talked about feminism and her observation was "I didn't throw off thousands of years of male subjugation only to start having women telling me how to think, feel, and behave."

Smart Model. Speaking of Fiona Apple, her song "criminal" has that epic line:

So what would an angel say the devil wants to know


Or maybe the right question is "Who cares?"

A performer who doesn't have enough character to stand up to a heckler? Was it her first day on stage?

Sometimes musicians try to reveal themselves a bit and open up to the audience for a better, more personal show. Maybe she was trying to connect and feeling vulnerable when a nerve got struck. Comedians expect to get heckled by drunks and/or idiots, so they work it into their show. Even so, sometimes comedians lose their nerve too. I have played a lot of gigs over the years and you never know what the hell is gonna happen during a live show.

Just happened to Dave Chapelle again. People suck.

Dave Chapelle sucks. He shouldn't be in the business either if he can't handle a bunch of hecklers. Come on.

Any good comedian would either ignore it, thrive on it, or work it into the show, like Robert said. Not sit down like a stubborn teenage girl, sulk and ruin the show.

And if this woman wanted to reveal herself then she should've expected this. What did she expect? Only positive remarks? Was it her first day on earth?

A heckler at a comedy show in which the comic makes hecklers part of the act (Jimmy Carr) is expected, a heckler who interrupts a musical performance is a fucktard fucking over the audience who paid good money to listen to the performer not some cunt in the crowd.

That heckler is one those "a legend in her own mind" people who thinks her opinion is so important she has to air it during the show and create an unpleasant situation for everyone else who bought a ticket expecting NOT to have to put up with heckling. Perhaps some audience member should track that person down and sue them in a class action way for the damages involve in wasting the price of the ticket.

Or maybe the performer should've ignored it and continued the piece instead of turning it into a big deal. Person heckles, that's what, like 2 seconds tops. The performer's hissy fit? An awkward interruption of several minutes leaving everyone wondering who the person they paid to see really is

Again this has nothing to do with the difference of comedy and music. If you're on stage you have to expect this sort of thing, no matter what you perform.

Sure the heckler's a dick, but in cases like Dave Chappelle for example, where he suddenly tightened up his asshole and stopped his show over a bunch of hecklers as if it were something catastrophic? No, the performer should be sued. He collected the money, he didn't perform. He used some dipshit in the audience as an excuse to stop performing.

Imagine if everyone did a shitty job like this.

What if teachers stopped teaching mid-day and just went home every time one of the kids in the class yells?

What if cops said "fuck society, we're done protecting it" and went home to sleep every time some felon called them pigs?

If the guy getting your order at starbucks quit because you told him he misspelled your name?

Grow a thicker skin or get off the stage.


Or you can go do all the hard work it takes to get people to buy tickets for YOUR show and then you can show us all how easy it is to perform while being heckled.

There is indeed a difference between a comedy performance that includes audience participation and a musical performance that doesn't, most adults know how to conduct themselves in both, some don't.

YouWikipedia: You (stressed unstressed) is the second-person personal pronoun, both singular and plural, and both nominative and oblique case, in Modern English.

I don't know if I could do that, that's why I don't do it. That's why I don't make people pay me ridiculous amounts for a ticket, just so they can see me stop the show and cry like a pathetic fool when someone says I'm fat/thin/whatever.

And that's my point. If you can't handle hecklers, don't perform. That's like being a boxer who faints at the sight of blood. Every now and then a boxer is gonna see blood. It comes with the job. If you can't handle expected problems related to your field, then don't be in that field. Apparently she couldn't, nor could Chappelle. People like that don't belong on stage then.

And if an adult doesn't know how to behave themselves, then removing them from the audience is easy. That's what security is for. But stopping the show or having a hissy fit?

They get paid millions for their "hard work." Least you could expect of them is to be good at their jobs. Very clearly they're not.

Let me know in case you should actually address any of the points in my previous post.

If all you have to say is basically "NO YOU!" then I can't offer you much besides an intellectually proportional "I'm rubber you're glue..."


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