Hey guys I'm mike from michigan. I was directed to this site by a family member who has the same doubts about religion as I do. She sent a link to a post that was on here to me through twitter and I've been here everyday since finally decided to join up today when a good friend of mine basically disowned me when I spoke out about how religion alters people. So please feel my pain. I'm here to learn more about my doubts and anything else that I can. Thanks again T.A. for making it possible to "not believe" and not feel so alone about it. Never will I be a sheep following the herd of closed minded fools.

Mike from MI

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Welcome my friend. i am sure you will enjoy your stay with this great community.


I am trully sorry to hear about you loosing a good friend, it is never easy . but  it is a clear example of just how devisive religion is. And who knows, maybe once hes head has cleared he will see this himself.


Anyway if you have any questions or advice you want to ask or anything to share please go ahead as it is a really great community here. and i am sure alot of people, myself included,  have gone through similiar experiences to yours

A warm welcome, Michael. Lots of people on this site have gone through exactly what you are going through. You will most certainly get like minded people here. Ask questions, and analyze. But it can also be lots of fun. Any doubts, just ask.

Everybody who has gone, or is going through what Michael is going through, give Michael a hoy, and say g'day.

Welcome Mike, this might help to challenge doubts. BTW that was not very Christian like of your friend was it?

My mom and 2 sisters disowned me, so I know the feeling. Welcome to TA =)

Disowned here as well - so I know from whence you've come.  Don't forget that there can be just as much temptation to fall into following as an Atheist as there was as a theist - although I guess it's easier to change trains as an Atheist, what with the lack of a lake of fire between the tracks and all.  Welcome.

Hi, Mike. I'm relatively new to TA, and I'm so glad to have found it. Because of TA, I've gained new friends on my facebook page which has freed me to really say and post about my beliefs, both on religion and politics. Over time I've learned that most of my followers are right-wing Christians, so I always held back on posting anything that might "offend" them. Now, however, I've made new friends through TA, while still retaining my old Christian friends (maybe because they can't help themselves and are dying to know what I'll post next, lol), and have been having such a great time talking to them, posting and sharing with them, and just being able to be myself. If you are on facebook and would like to become a friend, my link is on my profile page.

I am very fortunate that I haven't been disowned by anyone (my mom is an Atheist) and my four grown daughters are "spiritual" or "agnostic," as they put it, because they don't believe the bible crap and have open minds and big hearts. I never "indoctrinated" them into atheism, rather let them know my beliefs and why while letting them experience going to church with their friends, etc. so they could decide for themselves. I work with Christians and a Muslim, and we all get along very well and have a lot of fun, not letting religion, or the lack of it, get in the way of acknowledging that we are good people. We respect each other immensely. I work in alcohol/drug treatment, so I think that is a big reason why we all get along so well.

Anyway, welcome aboard. The people of TA are pretty awesome. We are all so different, yet very much the same =0)

HI Trish, I am also new here. And when reading your post. I am interested in how you were able to be an Atheist and help your children make their own decisions about religion. I think having been a christian and going to church my entire childhood that helped me to understand what I "do and don't believe". I want my daughter to experience that as well. But I cannot make myself go to church. My husband is Catholic and I told him regardless of my beliefs we can raise our daughter catholic as long as he allows her to choose who and what she wants to believe in later in life. And love her no matter what. He agrees. But now that we are both have no interest in going to church how do we let her learn of religion but not partake. I am confused. Thanks! oh my daughter is 4yrs old. Am I overthinking too soon?

Man..wow I haven't had a welcome this warming since I was about ten going into a new school. I've learned so much in these few days since joining than I have trying to make since of religion in my entire life. This knowledge I'm gaining from here is crazy in the way its answering all questions I've been asking myself for years. I want to thank everyone here for making me feel more comfortable and not being judgemental like every single church I've ever been to.

I always felt strange in a sense of telling a pastor or preacher or any religious figure any real details as to what goes on in my mind about religion in fear of being alienated or the way it would make my family look in their eyes. But I've reached a point that at the end of the day I must live for myself and find my own truths, and since then I've been on a personal journey to figure this all out. I mean how long can a person eat shit like its filet mignon before they realize that if it looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit, and sounds like shit that it probably is shit?

Looks like, smells like, feels like...good thing you no step in.

Hi Mike, I am the founder of Think Atheist. If you or anyone else on this thread have ideas to make the site a better place please let me know directly with a personal message.

Here is our quick welcome vid if you have not seen it yet!




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