October 28, 2009

The Freedom From Religion Foundation today announced it is offering a $1,000 award to anyone coming forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) of a hate crime directed against the Foundation and gays. The Foundation's "Keep Religion OUT of Government" billboard on the 2600 block of North Avenue, Grand Junction, Colo., was defaced, apparently last weekend. A vandal X'ed out the word "religion," and painted in the word "fag."

"This is a hate crime directed both at the nonreligious and at gays—it's a perversion of our message honoring a precious constitutional principle," said Foundation Co-President, Annie Laurie Gaylor.

"The hate crime shows how important it truly is to 'keep religion out of government'—to keep homophobic dogma and blasphemy laws off of our civil statutes."

Anyone with information is encouraged to phone the Foundation, at 608-256-8900, so we may solve this crime.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wis., is a national association of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics) that has been working since 1978 to keep church and state separate.

The photos can be seen in the link or in my photos. Anyway, on another blog site that I am a member of someone else posted this little bit of thought on it...

"Here is the interesting thing, that some of your noters are making the ASSUMPTION that the person(s) that did the defacing of the sign were 'theists' or christians.

Bottom line is that NO ONE knows who did that to the sign. The culprits could have been atheists as easily as it could have been christians. The culprits could have been agnostics, or gays or lesbians. Tha'ts the bottom line is that assumptions never, ever prove anything,

And that is behind most of the problems with society. Assumptions happen and then the trouble starts.

When I see that sign, the only person(s) it points to for me is obviously someone who has a problem with gays, but it also proves that the person is totally insecure in their own life--to take the time to deface someone else's property, like that.

It is my firm belief that true Christians would never deface any kind of "sign", even if they totally disagreed with the sign. Most true Christians believe in the ten commandments and that is basic law; the ten commandments clearly are against that sort of behavior (defacing property). "

My responce was this:

"Where does the "10 Commandments" say anything about not defacing property?

1. No gods before god. (Jealousy in god..Check)

2. No Carved images. (Jealous again check. Dont catholics have this wrong then?)

3. Dont Cuss at God. (There is jealous thing again. God fvcking damnit!)

4. Keep the Sabbath. (Dont work on holy day. Does that mean that xtian women shouldnt be cooking for thier families after church?)

5. Honor mom and dad. (If not they can take you to the edge of town and stone you to death. Deu. 21, 18-21)

6. Dont murder. (Are not we in wars right now that are Illeagal the same as commiting geoncide? Govt. Sacntioned Genocide?)

7. Dont commit adultry. (Funny how divorce rates are the same for xtians the rest of society. How many for cheating on spouse in wonder?)

8. Dont Steal. (So what if stealing bread for my family to eat does this mean i go to hell for breaking the commandment?)

9. Lies (What about the "White lie" to save someones feeling. "No I love that dress.")

10. Dont covet. (So no free market econmy then including capitalism?)

I could go into more detail but..Naahhh. its all been done before."

Any one else think that this was done "Randomly" and not some Thiest somewhere who is mad about gays or whatever else pisses off the fundies in the US?

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It is true that you shouldn't presume to know who did it and their motivations behind it. However, you can feel safe betting it was not a gay atheist. It could have been, we don't know, but it is not likely. And we know that atheists are much less homophobic than the religious population, but even if you had a homophobic atheist, why would he or she choose to deface the FFRF sign?

No TRUE Christian would vandalize a sign? This fallacy again? Ugh!

The only issue I would take with the whole thing is the classification of the vandalism as being a "hate crime". What happened to Matthew Shepard was a hate crime. This was simply vandalism that has a nasty message.

It could have been a bored teenager that thought it would be funny. That would classify as "random" to me and seems just as likely as a homophobic fundamentalist doing it. Of course, both of those scenarios seem way more likely than a homosexual or an atheist committing the act.
I pretty much agree, Reggie.

It is odd to see a No True Scotsman fallacy coming from someone who is not a member of the group being talked about, though.
Do we know that this person using the NTS fallacy is not a Christian? If not, then that would be strange.
Yes, but is she a TRUE Christian? Hehehe.
I'm sure we could find some Christian willing to claim that she isn't.
Funny cause it is true.

I saw a funny comment on some other blog about this story; can't seem to find it at the moment, but it was something like:

"Fagsut, son of Jesut - yeah we don't want those guys in government either."


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