I have a question.. As we live in a liberal society where everybody has the "right" to voice there opinion on the supernatural without foundation or evidence, and any rejection of said beliefs is deemed militant or arrogant. How do we best dismiss theism in public discourse. Any examples of situations in which you have had to defend yourself publicly would be interesting to hear.

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Every time I've had a discussion that threatens to turn heated or nasty, I've found the best way to derail the negative emotions is through humor.
"Well, I'm sure the polar bears will survive global warming just fine. They are hearty enough to live 40 days and 40 nights on an un-airconditioned boat and then be dropped off on top of a desert mountain."
Timing and tone are very necessary else you'll just sound sarcastic and demeaning (which you are, but humans read body language and facial expression way more than the words themselves. ) If you seem open and joking about it, they'll laugh and maybe even realize how absurd some of these "facts" really are.
I'm a disciple of the Jeffersonian view that "ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions."
I think their secret is giving an honest evaluation without coming off as hateful. It's one thing to say "Fuck Jesus, Fuck God and Fuck You!" It's quite another to put religion on the witness stand. The difference between the approaches (besides effectiveness) is the use of reason.

But unfortunately, you're right. Some people seem to think any ridicule is the same thing as blatant hatred. What they end up doing is mislabeling people as bigots as a way to shut them up, since it's easier than arguing with what they're actually saying.


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