I was in a bad car accident and it put me back ten years. I lost everything but my life. People from a church helped me out with hospital appointments, friendship, odd jobs. Basically gave me hope. There is fellowship that comes with religion. I needed help and it was there, no questions asked. I wasn't even a member of the church. How many atheists are willing to help the same way and how could they if they have no fellowship other than www.TA.com I'm not dissing the site. It can't be argued the church doesn't do a lot of decent things for people. Or are we all supposed to look out for ourselves as unbelievers. You don't have to believe in god to do good but at least it can be progressive. ie: organizing water projects for developing regions,etc.
Is there an atheist goodwill organization?

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Having volunteered at summer camps for kids with disabilities, as a guide for blind cross country skiers, as a tutor for adult literacy, and on a board of an organization that provided computers for kids in low-income families I can assure you that the majority of fellow volunteers I knew had nothing to do with a church.  There are literally thousands of organizations with which you can volunteer, and there is no need to pitch an imaginary monster to the people you help out, :)
Having been a volunteer at a suicide/crisis intervention hotline for 34 years I can attest that we get lots of religious volunteers, but we get at least 40% that are not religious.


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