Question was inspired by this user from Yahoo, thought I'd get some opinions on this on Think Atheist.

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It didn't actually occur to me that my avatar is a lightbulb when I posted this. Maybe I can try to blink on and off in a nice little cadence. Some people find that sort of thing entertaining (drugs may or may not be a factor).

Only in a seller's market --

It's not a seller's market though. My mom already tried with 'Free to good home'. No dice.

Oh no you di'n't! TELL me you didn't just call Heather Spoonheim "sweetheart"! Oh, I SO would not want to be you --!

I know, WTF!? You have to respect the Spoonheim! Anon better learn quickly.

I actually let this one slip by, I guess.  I'm a little off my game today, however, because last night I was up late carousing.

It's electrical energy, which will be dissipated into the atmosphere, just as the molecules in your body will be converted into energy when another organism consumes them - all is energy, undifferentiated.

Think of a brain pattern as a grove on a musical CD - the groove is the "memory" of music, but not the music itself, which no longer exists, as the sound waves have dissipated into the atmosphere much as your brain waves will - both are forms of energy.

Is there a "duality" to a campfire? Both flame and wood exist at the same time, but when the wood is consumed, the flames cease to exist. How can that be? The wood still exists, as ash, but the flames are gone forever! "Something which is not different cannot be and not be." Ergo, wood has a soul, and I will see the branch I burned again in heaven, and it's going to be really, really pissed!

Yeah, I know that, I never said otherwise.

Sorry these messages seem to be coming out in the wrong order.

@Heather Spoonheim, logically, we cannot say that life is just a state of matter. If something dies, E=mc2 will still be preserved, materially, yet something will no longer be. If the total amount of energy and mass in the material world remain the same, yet something no longer exists, then it cannot be of the same form. Everything - something cannot equal everything.

And here we go again - E=MC2 has nothing to do with what states matter and energy will take.  We are a chemical reaction that sustains an equilibrium for a limited period of time. We call this equilibrium 'life' but it is not something separate from the chemicals, it is just a particular state of those chemicals.  There is nothing 'extra' there that disappears when we die - we just no longer maintain that same state of equilibrium and are therefore no longer meet the definition of 'life'.

Oh, so to set you state on one point, YES, we absolutely can state, logically, that life is just a state of matter.  I'm not sure what you consider to be 'logic' but please understand that it isn't defined as opinions that fall in line with your own.

OK, Anon, I'll pay to play - I'll say, "By golly, you're right!"

Now what?


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