Question was inspired by this user from Yahoo, thought I'd get some opinions on this on Think Atheist.

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That's part of what helped lead me away from dualism... Tool helped a lot actually... somewhat sadly.

"We barely remember what came before this precious moment,
Choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside...
This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion" - parabol

I was hoping for things to turn out different than they did. I was seeking to restore some mythical break between my body and my mind. Instead I breached the "gap" by recognizing there wasn't one to begin with, that the "mind" is a physical thing, and thoughts are the result of physical processes.

This body makes me feel eternal.

I like that quote!

This body is giving me the itches. I need a new one.

Usually that's a sign you need a bath.

There are lots of possibilities but I don't know that making things up to fill voids in knowledge is the best way to go. I've also had some interesting debates with people who use "Duotheism" as their base and it all comes back to the same problem... there is no evidence whatsoever one way or the other. It's one thing to admit that we can't possibly know or understand all of the possibilities at this point, but it's entirely another thing to fill in those blanks with more what-ifs.

Coming up with new names for "I don't know" is like throwing gas on a big fire of WTF...

So, my take is... to each their own. People should believe whatever gets them through the day.

There is, however, a lot of evidence against mind/brain dualism.  In particular, the changes that can take place in personality if a particular part of the brain is damaged.  Memories can be cut out of the brain, personality traits can be cut out of the brain, our ability to reason can be cut out out of the brain - all of which makes it hard to believe that destroying the brain entirely results in complete restoration of the person it once animated.

Well, there is a lot of evidence that debunks most aspects of religion but I was trying to at least play along. Mind/Brain dualism is a little over the top for me. Because the OP posed the question around a deity, I assume this is all about Duotheism.

The Universe is full of appositions.. as for a "god-like" force, it depends on what you define as "god like", gravity?, dark matter?, feeling of belonging to all there is? what?

It's obviously hooey.  The brain is made of neurons.  Neurons are part of the physical world.  Neurons work via chemical reactions.

A physical explanation suffices.  The interactions between them are complex, but still are physical.

The qualifications will come in time Vikash, it's the thirst for knowledge that you possess, that can't be taught nor learned - at the risk of sounding like a Dos Equis commercial, stay thirsty, my friend.

pax vobiscum,

I believe all the evidence we have to date overwhelmingly supports the argument that when our brain stops working, we stop thinking - no real evidence for dualism - just another religious fantasy, in my opinion.

Question: What is the attribute which we can say constitutes life?

Consider this, two genetically identical bacteria are placed in two identical spaces. Into both spaces the same amount of heat energy is added.

Into one space, the heat kills the bacteria. In the other space, the heat is applied for a prolonged period of time, but lower, and so, does not kill the bacteria.

The only change was the input of energy, nothing else. If E=mc2, then they should be the same. BUT, there is a difference between the two, that which we call life. Does this not suggest a dualism, not between the tradition mind/matter but between life/matter?

Life is the ability to convert energy into matter and vice versa. It is not purely material but something else. A stone is purely material, but it cannot act on the world in the same way that something which is alive can. There is a qualitative difference between the two.

My body is material, yes, but "I" am a quality that my body alone, does not posess. I am my body, and when I die, I die, but my body will merely change, It will have a quality of NOT life, whereas I will no longer exist at all. I will not be whilst my body will still be. Therefore, we cannot be the same thing.


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