Hey guys..

As far as I can see the college I'm about to attend in around 21 days has an Secular Student Alliance and a GBLT group. I signed up online and I really don't know what to expect. I didn't tell my parents yet because even though I came out to them about being an atheist and my orientation, I still feel very uncomfortable talking about it. I know my mom and dad wouldn't really like me being apart of the SSA but I don't know what they'd think about me joining the GBLT group. I've never been in a group before and I  am not sure how the work load of college will be on me. School hasn't started yet, and I can pull myself out of these groups while there is time. By the way, the GBLT group has about 110 member but there's only 20 for the SSA.

Starting the semester with 5 classes is what I decided to do so am I going too fast? Should I pull out and wait? I don't think I have the confidence to go to those groups because I feel so worried about letting my parents down. Also around large groups, my nerves start acting up. Finally, I wanted to add that I don't feel like I'd be successful in a group because I'm too freaking' awkward and weird.

Don't know what to do.. Help...!   :'(

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I can't speak about the gay part in a personal way because I'm not, but if you're not comfortable with coming out on campus as an atheist, there's no requirement you do so. I've never made it other people's business what my religious orientation is. I'm not "in the closet," and people close to me figure it out and we discuss it if they feel they want to, but I've never felt a need to get up on a soapbox and proclaim my atheism.

When and whether you discuss your sexual orientation can be handled the same way. One thing you CAN do if you keep it to yourself is to reveal it when a friend or acquaintance says something insensitive about gays, That is a good time to tell them they have hurt someone and times like that can serve as teaching experiences because you are hitting them with their guard down.

...when a friend or acquaintance says something insensitive about gays, ....

A guy I regard as an overgrown baby said something mean about gays and I told him, "A cousin of mine was gay and if you want to bad mouth him you have to go through me first!"

I am not a bully!


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