A 10 minute video of me reading something I wrote:


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Oh, and I'm not naked, I'm just not wearing a shirt just because it's hot and I don't have central air conditioning.

Sorry but your video is private. Can you try to embed it to this thread maybe? Or simply post it as a video to Think Atheist? 

Sorry to you and the others that looked for it - my bad for sure, and thanks for pointing this out.

It's probably the most cynical view of religion I've put together. I'm purposely avoiding some predictable behaviors of this community, so how about for starters I send you the text privately. Sound good?

And thanks again.


Andy please post the video for everyone to watch and discuss. 

The more I think about it, I'm going to only share this video privately with individuals. I am welcoming private feedback. I'm hoping this will decrease the amount of personal attacks from the anonymous.

So if interested, send me a message and I'll message you my new thing to look over and hopefully provide feedback, hopefully start a meaningful discussion. It's about 1000 words.

This isn't how a open blog/forum works Andy.

^What he said.


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