I was alarmed but not surprised to read the following in an article today in the San Jose Mercury News about a report exonerating the SmartMeters that PG&E has been installing in California homes:

As of Aug. 15, the CPUC had received 4,471 complaints about the PG&E SmartMeters, compared with 169 from Southern California Edison customers and 88 from San Diego Gas & Electric customers.

While concerns about high bills may be abated by the report, PG&E and the CPUC are now being deluged with a new wave of consumer complaints related to fears of electromagnetic radiation from the SmartMeters.

Indeed, the vast majority of consumers who spoke Thursday said the SmartMeters are making them sick or expressed fear that Smart-Meters will increase their risk of brain cancer. Health issues were not within the scope of the investigation.

Several California cities, including Santa Cruz, Sebastopol, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Watsonville and several in Marin County, have sought bans on SmartMeter installations because of health concerns.

Does anyone know if any studies have been done about the public's knowledge regarding the word "radiation"? Many people don't seem to realize that they are being irradiated all the time by nature, especially by the Sun by cosmic rays and by radioactive elements in their soil -- and in far greater doses than they receive from the electrical equipment in their homes or their cell phone. It seems that the word "radiation" has become, yes I must say it, "radioactive."

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I was just listening to SGU and they were talking about a school that was being harrassed by parents who believed that the school's Wi-Fi was causing their kids to become ill.

No, I think you are right on. People don't have a clue about radiation.


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