I was having a chat about my atheism with my supposed to be friends.The first friend asked me was I not afraid of being dead.Did anyone else get asked this question?

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I don't want to die, but I'm not afraid of it. I believe that when I die, that's it - people often tell me they find that terrifying, but I prefer it to the alternatives! As doone says, it's literally nothing. What's to be afraid of?

Meanwhile, I can focus on living this life well, because I believe it's the only one I've got.
I fear thinking about death more than death itself because once I 'm dead I won't be able to fear anymore at all will I? I do find the thought of no longer existing to be terribly tragic though, and if I dwell on it for any length of time it depresses me. I can't imagine not existing because I love existing so much and it's such a sad thing that our bodies have to wear out. If there was a cure for death I'd have it and give my husband some as well.

Religion has brainwashed so many people into thinking that the best is yet to come that they take their precious lives for granted and it gives me a bit of peace knowing that each day I am alive I am happy to exist no matter how bad it gets, because this is really all there is. I enjoy the boring days and the days I don't feel that well and the snow and dreariness and the humidity and the fat days because this is my whole life right here.

I think knowing this "secret" really helps us all out a lot and it's a shame we can't share it with those who mope and pray and look forward to salvation that will never come.
My sentiments summed up wonderfully!
^^ Wow, Aimee, I registered just to say "me too"! Awesome post.
Welcome! I hope you stay and participate in other posts.
Getting over my fear of death brought me a sense of peace that I never had before.
I do not fear death, for in death there is nothing to fear; what I fear is the life not lived, the song never sung, the love never shared, and the truth's never spoken.

There is nothing scary about dying, but what does scare me is never fully embracing this one life I do have and living it as fully as I can. It amazes me that when I was a christian, I was more afraid of death (believing I was heaven bound) than I am now.
I do not fear death, for in death there is nothing to fear; what I fear is the life not lived, the song never sung, the love never shared, and the truth's never spoken.

Love it!
I'm not preoccupied with death...but I have thought about how I will die lol. In talking with Xtians u'd think death wud be a welcomed relief seeing as how they'll be spending eternity -they hope- in the presence of the 'lord' saying holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy...well u get the idea lol. I hope when I die, there are viable organs left in me to donate...I'm a donor and the ONLY time that'll mean something...is when I die! Lol. My kids who r xtian still are 2 of the few believers who doesn't have an issue donating their body parts-I mean kidneys can't get n2 heaven...can they?? When I'm asked 'what about when u die??' I tell them I will be sent to a pit of fire...as my wish is to be CREMATED! Lol and then my ashes will be spreaded in Aruba so I can be fooood for the fish! It is then when I receive the xtian headshake of pity ...sigh
Yeah, I want to be cremated too. I don't get the whole burial thing to much. That space could be used to buil houses for the homeless...lol. It's like putting money in the ground! All that money we put into to caskets...lol. But, to each his (or her) own.
I preach this all the time! Being buried is ridiculous, and so is shelling out all that money for a body. I'd like to be donated to science or cremated, and instead of paying for a big funeral home monstrosity of a service, I'd much rather my loved ones go to a fun restaurant or have a big bbq potluck in the backyard or something. Something I enjoyed in life to remember me by, and then they can all move on feeling positive.
I agree burial is a waste of money and perfectly good organs. Well, that Depends on how you die of course.


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