Hey everyone,

I know this may be a random topic, but I have been looking for some good movies to watch as of late and I cant find too many.  So i thought of making a discussion to see what other peoples favorite movies are. You can put your top 5, 3, or simply just your favorite. You can do by genre, it really doesn't make a difference as long as you say what the movie is. Thanks

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In no particular order...


Hot Fuzz

V for Vendetta

Casino Royale (007)

Star Trek

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I just realized I forgot Forrest Gump. It's the only movie I've ever cried while watching. The scene where Forrest is talking to Jenny over her grave gets me every time.

4. Let it Ride

3. Casablanca,

2. Gone with the Wind

1. Taming of the Shrew, Burton/Taylor

The message is so accurate though.
You're a guy, and you like "gone with the wind"?
How does being a man mean lacking good taste. Its a classic and a great movie.

No Country for Old Men - and read the book.

The Kids are Alright - and buy all the albums.

Godfathers A and B - and make pasta.

Mystic River - and beat someone to death with a baseball bat. And read the book.

Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven - and revel in the similarities of two disparate cultures.

Eraserhead - and give birth to a strange creature.
I am fond of Australian films for some reason.

Rabbit-proof Fence

Welcome to Woop Woop

(two ends of the spectrum, sublime to ridiculous)

This is someone named Kathryn's list ranked by her. I don't necessarily agree with but it is a large list of Aussie films:
I believe the best Aussie movie I have seen is Romper Stompers. Mainly because Russel Crowe may be one of the few people on the planet earth that can play a bad guy and actually leave me feeling intimidated. I didn't know what I was expecting when I started watching it, but by the end I wanted to spend my entire life as far from Crowe as possible. Making Gladiator a strangely disturbing movie to me.
It didn't used to be this way but anything with Mel Gibson is strangely disturbing to me now. ATM

Yeah, I think the first time I saw him and his ex wife interviewed something in our relationship broke forever. She was wearing a veil.


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