I'm just curious to know what all of your guys' favorite movies are or who are your favorite actors/actresses. I'm a big movie guy so hopefully I will know whatever or whoever you are talking about.
Also, if you could name why you like that movie or that person then that would be great, too.
And if you feel like adding movies or actors/actresses that you absolutely can't stand then I'm sure somebody will agree with you. Good chance that someone will be me.

Thank you for any replies.

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I haven't watched 2001: A Space Odyssey yet but it sounds quite interesting and I'll add it to my watchlist.

I agree, Morgan Freeman is freaking awesome. Also, he is an atheist, just a little bonus, I guess.
Ironically though, he has the voice of a god.

You should definitely watch this video:

I haven't seen much with Joey Lauren Adams but she is pretty good in the movies I've watched with her. And yes, her voice is very sexy.

Wait, WHAT?!?! He is a scientologist?!? NOOOOO!!! I actually liked Jason Lee. Dammit, you ruined his image I had of him.
No, just kidding.

Kevin Smith is pretty cool, too. He is definitely one of the bigger geeks in the entertainment industry and that adds cool points for him. Silent Bob is just awesome.

I see so many movies that as soon as I chose one, an even better one would pop into my mind. 

At this moment, I would have to say that my favorite move is Lost In Translation. I love that there's a scene with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson laying in a hotel bed and there's no sex. Not even a hint of lust. Then there's that last scene where Bill whispers something in Scarlett's ear that we can't hear. Frustrating? Yes! But the movie is ultimately about true friendship and respecting boundaries, isn't it? and the audience is forced to respect the privacy of that moment. .

As for the actor/actress, Juliette Binoche can do no wrong (at least in the past: I don't know what to think about her appearing in the upcoming Godzilla movie). A short list of some of her roles: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The English Patient, Blue, and Chocolat. All of those are movies you must see to have much of a claim to being a cinemaphile.

I think if I were to watch that scene then I would seriously spend a long time trying lip-read what he said. That would make me way too curious to just let it go.

Sadly, I haven't seen much with Juliette Binoche. So far, only The English Patient and Dan In Real Life. But I do think she is pretty good in those and would consider adding her movies to my now 300+ watchlist. I'll get to it at some point...hopefully.

I really hope this new Godzilla movie will be good. The last one sucked and the ones before that were just... you know, like a lot of the older sci-fi movies. Hopefully they don't screw it up. Gareth Edwards, the director, hasn't really done more than one major film, so we really don't know what to expect. And the writers don't have much of a history either. Only Dave Callaham is somebody we may recognise and he is the story writer. He also wrote the screenplay and story for The Expendables and we all know how that went. So, in the end, I can't really expect the movie to be too good.

+1 for unseen's taste in cinema.

I like the majority of the Coen Brothers films. My favorite is Blood Simple, a noir tale with none of the characters having any redeeming qualities. It is beautifully shot, slow moving and overall a well sculptured movie, especially for a debut. It stars Frances McDormand who I think is much underrated as an actress. The best thing about the Coen Brothers is that they keep surprising and stay a little leftfield of Holklywood.

Once upon a time in America is a classic I watch every few years.

Dogma with the late great George Carlin as Cardinal Glick, Chris Rock as Rufus the 13th apostle and Alanis Morissette as god.  There were other notable actors but I think these three really made the movie. The movie made a mockery of religion, was funny as heck and the churches hated it.  What more could ask for.

But the all time best was The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a young Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon ( I think it was her first movie).  It is the longest running release in film history as it is still shown world wide at midnight screenings.  It is funny, campy and sick. OK so I'm weird, I live in San Francisco, we are all weird out here.

Peace, Pastafarian Larry  

Being weird is not a problem….wanting (needing) to be the same as everyone else is….Ramen!

The film Agora should be absolute REQUIRED viewing in any class on human rights, philosophy of science, religion, political science or in fact any class at all. Highly recommended for all of you. There's also some lovely eye candy for those of you willing to admit that it matters. ;)


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