Hey everyone,

I know this may be a random topic, but I have been looking for some good movies to watch as of late and I cant find too many.  So i thought of making a discussion to see what other peoples favorite movies are. You can put your top 5, 3, or simply just your favorite. You can do by genre, it really doesn't make a difference as long as you say what the movie is. Thanks

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Lol i was perfectly fine with all of it until the (all) for pirates, that last one was just too boring haha.
All present and former theists should see 'The Invention of Lying'. My friend was born atheist and she didn't like it. I loved it.
I loved that movie!
I really enjoyed that movie! The part where he's at the bar, and he tells the guy he's black... and the guy's like, "Oh MAN! You are? That's crazy!" is so funny.
Born atheist? More like raised non-theist.

In no specific order: 



Silence of the Lambs

Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

Lord of the Rings (entire trilogy was great, but return of the king was the best)

12 Angry Men


Fight Club

The Matrix (the first one, the other two sucked in my opinion)

Office Space


Pulp Fiction

The BBC Documentary series Blue Planet

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan


Good Night and Good Luck <-- Excellent movie



Chasing Amy



Way too many to list, but there's a good starting point. 

Some of my all-time faves:

The Big Lebowski
This is Spinal Tap
Best in Show
The Village
Pulp Fiction
It Might Get Loud
Children of Men
Star Trek II, VI, VII, VIII

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Hotel Rowanda

Reign Over me

Clockwork Orange

The Devils Backbone


Donnie Darko

Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
Shawshank Eedemption
American History X
The Departed
True Romance
Fight The Power
Saving Private Ryan
Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan
Godfather II
The Sting
Apocalypse Now
Goodnight and Goodluck
Schindlers List
How about some Japanese films?

Tampopo < my favorite!
Seven Samurai < classic!

Anime films!


Some of my Studio Ghibli favorites.
Spirited Away
Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
Princess Mononoke

Rocky Horror Picture Show / Inherit the Wind

Princess Bride / Forbidden Planet

They Might be Giants (Good luck finding a copy of that one!)

Silent Running / Juliette of the Spirits

Raising Arizona / Night of the Hunter

Legend (eye candy) / The Gods Must be Crazy

Harold and Maud /Dr. Strangelove


Into The Wild

Little Miss Sunshine

Wall Street (1st & 2nd)


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