I was driving along with my I-pod on random and on kicked A Perfect Cricles version of Imagine. I have at least a dozen songs that are atheist or at least free thought based. What is your favorite? If it's been listed, put up your next favorite. Link a source to play it if you can so we can enjoy it as well. Maybe you'll show us something new.

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Finally something about music, here are a few.
A Perfect Circle-Judith




NOFX-Leaving Jesus Land

There is more i don't feel like looking them up though. But for the record i don't "just listen to certain songs because of what the message is, or who sang it" if i like a song i like it, regardless of if the musician is a religious freak or not. Just look at Dave Mustaine, he is a Christian and he believes in Alex Jones "Endgame", but he can play some good metal.
Like that version! It has some bite!
Being that I'm mainly a metal guy, I'll just post links to lyrics, leaving it at your discretion to check out the songs:

Dying Fetus - Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses): http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/dyingfetus/destroytheopposition.ht...
Dying Fetus - Pissing in the Mainstream: http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/dyingfetus/destroytheopposition.ht...
Clutch - Burning Beard: http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/clutch/robothiveexodus.html#2 (not so much freethought, but pretty heavy in metaphors to think about)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
The entire dredg album "The Parrot, The Pariah, The Delusion" was inspired by Salman Rushdie's "Imagine There is No Heaven: A Letter to the Sixth Billionth Citizen."

At a concert, they dedicated a song to Richard Dawkins. Pretty sweet, since I was almost positive I was the only one in the audience that understood who they were referring to.

Anyway, some cool songs to check out:


dredg-I Don't Know

The whole album is worth checking out, though.
Ha, I don't listen to a lot of metal, as my list will show.

XTC's classic Dear God

And, while I know Stevie Wonder was a Christian, here's one of the best songs ridiculing religion. Superstition

Not good at thinking up my songs at a moment's notice. Yes, I'm the one who forgets everything she wants to hear in front of a jukebox.
Perfect. For anyone checking this out, it's not about metal, but all music. The metal guys are just on it. Could be Death Cab for Cutie to Selpultura.
I actually made myself a little compilation album of Atheist/Free-thought songs:

Three of the tunes come from Symphony of Science.

01. A Glorious Dawn (Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking) [Symphony of Science]
02. Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins (Tim Minchin)
03. God (John Lennon)
04. I Believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake)
05. Dumb All Over (Frank Zappa)
06. Shallow be Thy Game (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
07. Cathedral (Crosby, Stills, & Nash)
08. Atheist Peace (Bad Religion)
09. If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain will Fall Out (Take My Wife) [Tim Minchin]
10. We Are All Connected (Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye) [Symphony of Science]
11. The Good Book (Tim Minchin)
12. Dear God (Sarah McLachlan) [it's her verison of XTC's song because I couldn't find XTC's original in lossless and I'm too broke to buy the CD]
13. God (Tori Amos)
14. Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk (Frank Zappa)
15. This Heaven (David Gilmour)
16. Imagine (John Lennon)
17. White Wine in the Sun (Tim Minchin)
18. Our Place in the Cosmos (Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku, and Robert Jastrow) [Symphony of Science]
I was just coming here to post this album. It is really amazing and I can't wait to play it for my child (in the oven!).

Why does the Sun Shine and Why Does the Sun Really Shine are my favorites. Science is Real is great, too, as is the whole album.

Thank you!
I fully agree, Adriana. Our 7 year old LOVES this album (and prety much anything else the Johns have recorded) and my husband and I rock out to it as well :)
Liberate, by Disturbed

I will follow you into the dark, by Death Cab for Cutie (despite its spiritual tone, I always felt it to mean "You'll die and find nothing there, but I love you, so I'll go into nothingness too, just to be with you." Kind of a conflicting message, but shit, I thought it was beautiful and at least *I* got a sort of anti-religious "spiritual" message from it, lol).

Just pick one by Marilyn Manson, lol. I particularly like The Beautiful People and Fight Song.

Metallica's "The God That Failed" and "Leper Messiah" are good, although Hetfield did seem to "find Jesus" as of the Load album. Maybe that's why the album is a fucking Load alright!

I think that's all I have for right now. Three of the songs I mentioned are on my profile page if anybody wants to listen.
Uprising by Muse-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFleiDqbJAc
Resistance by Muse-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tknekh-lkk
Hollywood by the Jonas Brothers-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L4ROVNV9Ss
That's Just The Way We Roll by Jonas Brothers-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px1Q__TaSwc
They're all sort of free thought based.


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