I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the Atheist Debater iPhone app, or other similar apps that are an invaluable tool to many atheists who may find themselves in a debate, or want to plan ahead with some speaking points.

The reason why these sort of apps were created was because there were too many Christian "facts" apps, and no atheist ones.

In this discussion, I am going to look at many of the points made in the "Fast Facts" Christian app (which, yes, I bought), and respond to as many as I can.

First, the app is divided into two categories: Fast Facts and Challenges and Tactics. I'm going to look at the "Challenges and Tactics" section. It basically provides various challenges that an atheist might bring up. Each one basically tells the user to ask why they believe this, why they believe that, give specific details, and even provide faulty circular logic and confusing and backwards responses, but no real counter-argument for many of them.

Challenge: "The Bible is full of errors and contradictions"

Here's what it says:

Ask why. Don't get defensive... Just ask them why they believe this. You want the specific details before you proceed. Ask for them and then sit back and wait. You'll find that 95% of people who make this claim have no clue about specifics. They are just repeating what they've heard. If they can't cite specific errors, you can point out that they've no evidence for their claim. If they are able to name specifics, write them down carefully, go research them, and get back to them with a solid answer.

That is literally it. I mean, tell me the above answer didn't make you chuckle at least a little. That answer provides no help to Christians who are confronted with this question. Just send them over to http://thethinkingatheist.com/bible_contradictions.html and watch their heads explode. That lists many, if not all, of the contradictions present in the Bible.

And what would this "solid answer" then be? All you would get back are half-assed excuses and fabricated "explanations" that have no basis in reality. Things like "Well, Judas died both ways... he hung himself, then his intestines exploded. Uh, yeah, yeah that's the ticket!"


Challenge: "Christianity is responsible for some of the worst evils in history."

Ask "Why do you believe this?" ... They may cite the Crusades, or the Witch Hunts. Agree that these were evil events, but...that they were not consistent with Christian teaching. Not everything done in the name of Christianity reflects true Christianity. Additionally, point out that...they pale in comparison to the scope of evil enacted by the atheistic regimes that killed almost 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

Oh, not the old "atheist regime" argument again. First off, the Crusades and Witch Hunts were, in fact, consistent with many Christian teachings of their times. They were claimed to have been done in the name of Christianity because they were done in the name of Christianity. The groups behind each of the travesties listed above truly believed they represented the best interests of their religious group.

This also screams to me of, "Well all those religions were false, so they don't count. I follow a special Christianity that is immune from evil-doings, and as a result, we have no affiliation with them at all." That doesn't fly with me. You see, all of Christianity shares its roots with a common, ancestral form of Christianity -- much like evolution. The various branches of Christianity branched off from ancestral religions, and as a result, all are related to one another. You may disavow one branch of Christianity, but your branch isn't special as a result. Others disavow your branch, and so forth.

As for the atheistic regimes, it's a pretty vague response. Usually your garden variety Christian will cite Hitler and Stalin as the bloodthirsty atheists who killed millions upon millions of people. Problem is, (1) Hitler was most certainly not an atheist; and (2) nothing was ever done in the name of atheism, much like the Crusades were done in the name of Christianity and religion. Atheism was not the core reason behind anything in history. Ever.

Challenge: "I don't believe anything unless it can be proven scienfically."

Many people mistakenly think science is the only source of knowledge. If science can't prove a belief, it must be false. Expose this faulty thinking with a simple question: What scientific experiment proved that this is true? If they only believe what science has proven, then that belief itself must be proven. But this belief doesn't come from science. It is an assumption that cannot be proven. Thus the person who says all beliefs must be proven by science is guilty of a self-refuting belief.

I am absolutely stunned. That's it? Use circular logic to somehow disprove all of science? There's a reason why this argument never works. We know that the scientific method works in proving hypotheses because it can be demonstrated to be true. If a scientist posits that plants are green because of chlorophyl, then it can be demonstrated to be true by using the scientific method, experimentation, and testing.

This is like saying, "How do you know the sky is blue? Because you have eyes? How do you know you have eyes? Because you can see them in the mirror and feel them in your eye sockets? How do you know the mirror is really a mirror? How do you know, etc., etc." After a certain point, you have to give up and realize that you're starting to sound rather silly.

That's all for Part 1. Trust me, there are some doo-hoo-hoooozies in this app, and I plan on responding to as many as my intellect allows.

Link to my blog (pretty much the same post as above): http://yetanotheratheist.net/2010/07/fast-facts-part/

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Good stuff. Looking forward to the rest!
I am going to copy and print and it will be helpful when I am wearing my Atheist pendent and I am asked what it means I can get some ideas from this and see their reactions.
i will post later what reactions I get from wearing this.


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