I know some of you guys don't see quotations from personalities as such a good source of information but, I personally, find them fascinating. They are so concentrated in their message and yet straight to the point.

Because this is thinkatheist.com I know most of them will be about, well, atheism, but I like quotes from every domain. You can post any favorite quote you like.

I would like to post some rules in this thread ( just for the sake of readability ).

1. If you post to this thread you must post only the quote ( in italics and with quotation marks ) and the author. ( you can link the author to wikipedia if you want )
2. If you want to comment please reply to a quote-post that has already been submitted. ( you can comment on each quote if you like but please don't break rule 1 and comment on the whole discussion )
3. You may post only a quote per post ( no multiple quotes )

My quotebook will come in handy. Can't wait to see your snippets of thought.


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“The Hands that help are better than the lips that pray” Robert G. Ingersoll.
“Suppose we have chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we are just making him madder and madder” Homer Simpson’s version of Pascal’s Wager
"Fuck. That. Shit."
"Marx was wrong. Religion is not the opiate of the people. Opium suggests something soporific, numbing, dulling. Too often religion has been an aphrodisiac for horror, a Benzedrine for bestiality. At its best it has lifted spirits and raised spires. At its worst it has turned entire civilizations into cemeteries." - Phillip Adams
"Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. Certainty is an absurd position." - David Eagleman
"The first requisite of the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion." - Karl Marx
BTW. Even if Karl was the thinker between the communist system, Lenin was the one who distorted it creating the totalitarian regime that happened in history. I studied this more in-depth at an open discussion at my history class.

Just wanted to remove the prejudices.
"A religious phenomenon will only be recognized as such if it is grasped at its own level, that is to say, if it is studied as something religious. To try to grasp the essence of such phenomenon by means of physiology, psychology, sociology, economics, linguistics, art or any other study is false; it misses the one unique and irreducible element in it — the element of the sacred." - Mircea Eliade, Patterns in Comparative Religion (1963), as translated by Rosemary Sheed
When you're dead, you're dead, that's it, you're not going anywhere! - Some old lady to another old lady in an episode of Seinfeld
"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich." - Napoleon Bonaparte
This is so stupid.



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