Since someone posted a quote from the great TV Show 'Orange is the New Black', I began to wonder: How many atheists characters have you seen or read in film, TV shows, literature, etc? How were they portrayed? Is there a negative, positive, or in between connotation? Has literature (fiction) been harmful to science or hostile towards atheism? Or is it more than we live in a religion majority world, and therefore a romanticism of religion is in play?

 The characters have not to be openly atheists for you to mention it. If you suspect that a character is an atheist you can mention him/her/it. 

 Derek, a character created by Ricky Gervais in a show named the same, is an atheist. I think Gervais did a wonderful job portraying a wonderful, sweet, and kind character, who happens to be atheist.

 I think that Literature is often very harsh against science (Frankenstein, Brave New World, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, etc.) making fallacious arguments without acknowledging the importance of science and reason.

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The Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40k.

I like that his codpiece is larger than his head.

I would think that any of Ayn Rand's protagonists would have to be atheists. John Galt, Howard Roark. If they aren't explicitly atheists, I'm sure they're not explicitly religious and don't think or act in direct accordance with any religious directives.

True they say very little explicit.  John Galt comes closest in his speech where he says something about there being no reason in this world for something or other, then goes on to say that there was no other world.

Ayn Rand was explicitly and severely atheistic, so I think one can assume that her protagonists reflect her views.

In the Sunset Limited , Tommy Lee Jones is portrayed as a non believer on the verge of killing himself other than that, he plays the part quite well. 

In Robert Heinlein's classic novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", the character of Jubal Harshaw, although  self described as an agnostic, is really more on an atheist in practice,

Jubal is God.  All that groks is God.


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