I'm posting this thread to act as a little bit of research to say the least. I plan to do an online blog, for offering advice to people. Most of the content will not be about religion. But I a may do one blog entry about how people can deal with family members who may be less than pleased for those of us who step away from the religion or faith we were raised with. 

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They begin to panic and fear that I would go to hell.

And how is your relationship with them now?

50/50, it has always been that way from the way I was born, and what they had seen around happen to me, and always looked for a biblical explanation for the events, because they believe god made the universe, and therefore they claim the bible is god's word and correct when it actually isn't. 

They will bombard you with verses from their holy book

My dad sent five kids to Catholic schools and before he died he knew all five of us had quit Catholicism. It might have been revenge for his violence but so far as I knew we hadn't planned to quit or to tell him we had.

Also so far as I knew, he said nothing. Years after he died I learned from a relative that his parents had taught him that people who are talking are not working.

I never presented my family with an "I'm an atheist" moment, but over time I'm sure they've come to understand that I am, at least, not religious. Some of them have, I'm sure, come to regard me as an atheist.

I never confronted my family with my atheism and yet they know .
I don't read Quran and don't pray .. these signs can't be ignored.

Ah I see. 


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