A typical advice thread on how to deal with family really. I'm pretty sure most of you guys get sick of these, but like everyone else, I believe my problem is different. To make a long, complicated story short: I was adopted into a extremely Catholic/Republican household and this past year I've officially started declaring myself an atheist.

Only my best friend and boyfriend really know. Best friend is an atheist as well. (shes the one that got me to finally get the guts to say it out loud) But on the other hand, my boyfriend is one of those Republican/Christians. It took me weeks to finally bring it up to him that I couldn't lie about it anymore, and he took it better than I expected, but he always says that "nothing is permanent" and that he's always praying for me, which irks me a little.

Back to what I originally was rambling about, (I'm a little excited to be putting my thoughts and feeling into words where people actually feel the same) I don't think there's a way in the world that my "dad" is going to accept this fact about me. We don't have a rocky relationship, I'll spare you the details, but we're not strangers. Knowing him, it's just not something that he'll be able to comprehend rationally.. He's the one that's forced me through most of it until I secretly stopped going at least four years ago, but he still thinks I go to this day. He's the kind of dad that told he he'd disown me if I ever dated a black guy, if you've having trouble imagining the severity of his ignorance..

Getting to the point, what the hell am I suppose to do? I don't live with him, but It's basically the same at the house I do live in, except a little less harsh. If anyone, a community like this would have great insight and holy hell I wrote a lot, please don't kill me, this is my first post/day here.

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Everything is so polarizing nowadays, we have family members that won't talk to each other over happenings in Madison, WI.  We're kind of at the mercy to a degree of the media talking heads always spitting hate for people that disagree.  Having different opinions and lifestyles should enrich life, but unfortunately that's not where we are right now.  

I tend to tell people that I do the right thing because it is the right thing, which is exactly what Christianity preaches on paper.  I have enough faith in people that most will act with morality without having having to fear hell, and those that act selfishly will do so with the fear of hell.

Being nervous about being different is perfectly normal, you may want to check out the wiki on positive disintegration.  It's an idea that explains how painful it is the become dis-integrated from popular culture, but also how much more free and reasonable we are once we have become disintegrated, positively.  Mostly, don't beat yourself up, you are doing great!


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