Did anyone see the recent Family Guy where Brian's atheism is the main focus? You can watch it on Hulu.com for free, if you want to.

I thought it did a pretty good job of exposing the low opinions Americans typically have toward atheists, and also showed at the end how atheism isn't a bad thing.


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I love the "Logic for First Graders" that they burn. XD

That clip cuts off before the end where Brian explains how atheism isn't empty, but it's great otherwise! Thanks for posting it Nelson.
No problem! I don't catch half the content that's on the site either. The love of Family Guy should be spread to all corners of the internet! ;)

Maybe gays could initiate all coming out conversations from now on with:

"I'm an atheist."
*insert shock and comments*
"Nah, I'm just teasing. I'm really a lesbian."
*sighs of relief*
Totally hysterical episode, but yeah, the way Brian was treated was how a lot of atheists have been treated, the things said, etc.
Great episode, funny too.
Here is the full vid :P

Remember you can add full embed code into any place there is a text box :]
They pulled the episode!

Due to rights issues, we are required to pull "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" from the site temporarily. We will post the episode again as soon as these issues are resolved and apologize for any inconvenience.
yep quite sad...
Could it be that Paramount had some kind of beef with Hulu over the use of the imagery from Star Trek:TNG?

They were pretty careful about not really using ST:TNG character names, calling them out by the actors name instead. But they were wearing ST uniforms, had the Klingon logo pretty prominently displayed.

Paramount is known to religiously guard their trademarks.

There you have it, it IS about religion.
That's certainly possible. It also could have been McDonald's from when they were in the drive-through.
I watched it Monday morning, once it came up on Hulu. I thought that the bit of the end, pulling back to show the vastness of the universe, was particularly well done.
I just downloaded it, new zealand is not allowed to watch American TV until it comes to new zealand. I loved it... I haven't fully confronted my family and said that i was an atheist. about 4 months ago i talked to most of them about religion and said i was agnostic and they were cool with that. but now i define my self as an agnostic atheist cause i will not claim to know it all or any thing. Only one person so far has really gone shame shame one you. i guess i would expect my friends to act more like the episode portrayed, then most of my family. Its kinda funny how they ended the Episode with the universe, i remember asking my Biology teacher if he ever thought that we were just part of something else, he concurred to having a similar thought about the possibility.
It was alright. A little quick for the daughter to realize there was no god. I still have trouble with its random humour.
Hulu has pulled the episode "due to rights reasons".


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