I hope you will forgive this blatant attempt to garner support, but I have started a page on Facebook to promote a new foundation called Faithless and Free. This is the link:


The aim is to promote a secular environment in UK schools and to wrest education away from those who seek to pollute the minds of British young people.

If you choose to visit and lend your support - thank you. If not - thank you for considering it!

My best wishes

Marcus Eden-Ellis

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Great sentiments. we need a secular society, but wonder what if this secular
society is taken over by bigots . Communism is a great concept but does not work for this reason.
Saying this I will give my support as we need to take a stand against evil in this world,
Rather than bigots, I would contend that the downfall of any social structure founded on equality is the fact that there are always those that want to be just a little more equal than those around them!

My personal belief is in capitalism and democracy in a society free from organised religion - which is a pernicious cancer that eats away at the very fabric of society - causing division and strife. An end can only come when we stop indoctrinating children whilst they are too young to rationalise or argue back.

Notwithstanding this - thank you for your support Elaine!

Best regards

This sounds great! The problem is I live in the US. I'm going to join anyways if it's all the same to you.
Yes - it is all the same to me Dandubya! I have members from the world over. The problem is a global one isn't it?

Thank you for your support!

Best regards

Thanks for your post/reply Jesse! I guess I never thought about it before - yes, we do have Charles Darwin on our £10 notes - which is something to be cherished. Oh and no problem... as soon as I have nailed down the UK - will pop over the pond and sort it our over there.. ha ha!!
hurry man!
Ha ha... okay!


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