So I need some advice. I did some sharing on facebook, mostly from the thinkingatheist about evolution, science, math, history of religion, ect.... WELL my Christian family took offense to these posts and shares and unfriended me, telling my mother to relay that they never wanted to see my face again.  I de-activated my account to take some time off and save my relationship with my sister.  I guess now that I'm thinking about it, why shouldn't I be able to share what interests me? Isnt that what the social networking site is for?? Why is it that anything I post that doesn't fit their ideals and ways of thinking is deemed offensive and an "attack" on their religion? Now I am being told to "fix it" and basically grovel in forgiveness. I'm not sure what to do as they are my family yes, but they are incredibly judgmental, hypocritical, and just plain stupid when it comes to religion and politics. Bottom line I dont respect their beliefs. What do you guys think?

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What's your page? I'll join.

If you've thrown off the intellectual shackles of religion, why stop there? Why not re-examine every assumption of your life and society, specifically the societal pressure to be on good terms with your family? We don't live in clans any more, and I don't think your grandfather has the power to cast you out from society, so, except in the case of your immeadiate or well-loved family, there's little reason for you to exert yourself to win these people's respect. I certainly don't care when my cousins post insipid quotes about prayer or articles on the good work of our family's church.  I go right ahead and post a quote by Sam Harris, and I simply love to get into arguements and offend them with facts and logic.  I don't know the specifics of your situation, so I'd say that unless they're people you want to be close to under any circumstances, you shouldn't hang much more significance on their acceptance of you than on anyone else's. 


Good point....why is there so much pressure to always be on good terms with family? Not everyone is going to get along or agree all the time so why is that an expectation? Just because you share the same last name??

Religious belief is a disease that can turn people against their own children/siblings.  I've experienced it personally, watched others go through it, and it just sickens me.  I have no idea what can be done about it for they have zero shame.  The cult controls their mind and there is no one at the helm of the cult.  This particular story in the Huffington Post really illustrates this:

I've seen the "I'm offended!" card played many times, more often than not its used to silence or coerce people into agreeing in order to gain validation for their beliefs.. 

I really think people do the "I'm offended," thing (in this religious context) to denote they feel threatened by said comment. Said comment shakes something inside of them that they do not like, and instead of dealing with those feelings they would rather pin it on something else or someone else. I also think it can be a tactic to want to silence someone for their own sake of not wanting to see something which is thought provoking in a way that is unpleasant to their current beliefs. 

You can do what I do. I also have all religious friends&family. In fact, my uncle in-law is a pastor. I tell them if they aren't smart enough to know how to filter what they see from everyone, then they can just deal with it or educate themselves. Facebook does have ways to filter what you can share and what you see from others. I'm sure it's no different from what they post. Also, being offended never killed anyone. I don't like cherry pie, but that doesn't mean I get to tell everyone not bring it to the picnic.

I like the analogy!! I told them the same thing, if they don't want to look at it don't freaking click on the link and read or watch it!

Family is as family does. If they don't treat you like family, then are they family? Do you really want people in your life that are so close-minded that they are willing to say that they never want to see you again just because of a few things (facts, I imagine) that you posted on the internet? If they are willing to turn their backs on you for this, then you are better off without them now before the betray you when something truly important happens.

Facebook. I have a page (no, not as Unseen) and it's such a non-part of my life that if Facebook folded this instant my life would go on uninterrupted.

If they can't respect your views (even family members) are they even worth the hassle? What is the probability of reaching a compromise with them? If it is a slim chance, is it worth it? Is the stress of arguing with them worth the reward of reaching a compromise? Is there even a compromise in sight? Ask yourself things like this and it might help. 


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