I had a friend from high school "friend me" on Facebook years ago. He's a preacher now and even though I'm an atheist I kept him as a friend as I had no problems with him until he started outright attacking atheist. This shouldn't come as a surprise but his most recent post became an attack on me as I know I am his only atheist friend. I unfriended him after this post. Even though I knew he was wrong and I could refute his claims, I just got tired of his hate. I attached his post below, what do you think I should have done:

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Home schooling? No.  Not everyone who home schools is a theist, though I would gather most are.  I am only basing my statement off of my own observations, so in general it my statement might be weak.

I have lived in both culturally diverse and non-diverse areas of the US, and prefer the diverse.  You go to Kansas, you're most likely going to find towns that are 99% Christian - thus the culture is regulated by the church.  You go to Washington DC, or even my smaller city, Frederick, MD, and you will find a more diverse cultural make up.  No one religious institution holds the market of ideas.  On the weekends you can find atheists either in book stores or at the bar, but none gather together like the religious do.

As for version of Bible I Use?  I use multiple translations on my computer for quick reference using a program called e-Sword and I can download for a small fee more versions if and when I need to as well.

I also own hard copies for study NIV, NRSV ESV, and the HOT and GNT.  It's part of my history being a seminary student and pastor.  I always cross reference translations to see if there is any potential for discrepancy in meaning and interpretation, and then use the HOT (Hebrew Old Testament) or GNT (Greek New Testament) if there is because they are the original source texts.

My preferred translation is NIV.


There is this particular movement of believers, they're called Quiverfull Christians. They like to have lots and lots of children to fill their quivers with. They all homeschool and take those passages seriously. They're nice people.


I've lived all my life with different cultures. A few years ago I moved away to a mostly - kind of white suburb  - and I  swear, I got - Non-Culture Shock.

There were No Chinese, No Indian, No Italians, No Greeks No Color,  Nothing,  After 10 months, I left. I couldnt bare it.

I collect religious odds and ends.. I have some beautiful bibles.

The Greek New Testiment huh? - I want one.

I also had the Jehovah's Witnesses visit me a while back. Unfortunately they gave up after only a few weeks.

I think it is because I try to find the good in all. Even the dimmest light has light. I wanted to show them that they too can be "good without god"and possibly if they will allow, much much better off.

Avoid those who are vexations to the spirit.

I can't tell YOU what to do Randy, but pussycat that everyone here knows me to be, I still would have stayed and refuted --

I think you did the right thing - he doesn't seem the least bit interested in actually having a productive dialogue with you.  I recently deactivated my Facebook account over a typographical error and the Pope.  I would have been hard pressed to say nothing in response to what was put on your page, but I am beginning to see that it not worth getting as upset as I do over some idiots on Facebook.  

I did have a nice discussion at work today, during lunch, that was pleasant and productive.  My Christian co-worker is finally trained to just accept me as I am.  She knows attempts to convert me are futile.

Fantastic things, typos. 

I once made a tiny, silly juxtaposition typo as I was helping a bloke get a downloaded program going.  I typed, "Now its time to unzip your flies" rather than "files".  Everything went pear-shaped at that point.  The funny part was that I didn't see the typo to start with, and I had no idea what had suddenly made him so lecherous.

Good one!  I tried to say, "Poke me with a fork." but I said, "Pope me with a fork."  Eventually someone said something very rude about the Pope.  My mother was thoroughly disgusted.

Think I'll unzip and let the Pope out. Uh Oh, I typed out loud, didn't I?

See?  See what happens?  It's disturbing, I tell you.


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