I had a friend from high school "friend me" on Facebook years ago. He's a preacher now and even though I'm an atheist I kept him as a friend as I had no problems with him until he started outright attacking atheist. This shouldn't come as a surprise but his most recent post became an attack on me as I know I am his only atheist friend. I unfriended him after this post. Even though I knew he was wrong and I could refute his claims, I just got tired of his hate. I attached his post below, what do you think I should have done:

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How about a verbal one.  i remember at college when we had a liberal arts class, this one involved reading aloud.  One poor guy stood up to read his paragraph, where he had to mention a sign that said, "GENTILES ONLY, NO JEWS".  In a panic, he stammered, "Genitals only, no juice". 

I'm trying to be more open with my feelings when it comes to religion but I'm very much a pacifist and adhere to the "Do No Harm" philosophy so it's hard for me to confront/refute people as I hate having arguments/debates. I know it is important and that creating a dialogue can only shine a light on the issue which has to do some good...but THOSE people have a very hard time being open minded to any idea outside their dogmatic way of thinking. They can't even see the harm they are doing...and if they can, then the must be very heartless because they seem to not to care. Sometimes I wished there WAS a hippie Jesus to come down and chill them all out and preach some more love and understanding...we need a new John Lennon.

Randy, the guy's a bully [we all got into a fight with a gipsy? good times? wtf? ... "why bring Jesus into this?"] and you're better off without him.  It's a shame he thinks that "morals" are different from "right and wrong".  It would have been good if you could have thought up a few choice one-liners before unfriending him, then you wouldn't be left with this unresolved anger.  "I'm very much a pacifist and adhere to the "Do No Harm" philosophy so it's hard for me to confront/refute people as I hate having arguments/debates."  - so you're letting yourself be harmed, and wolves like **** take advantage of lambs like you. 

Debating is a skill, is it not?  You need a thick skin and a stock of properly-thought through arguments, and to recognize when the other person is making a lot of noise in order to evade being pinned down.  People like **** are sure to start off on the offensive anyway, which just means you can't argue with stupid. 

Thank you. I very much need friends that tell me how it is. Most give me the impression that raising waves is best left to those that are sure of themselves. And I guess I'm not there yet...but I want to be.

You don't have to be sure of yourself to tell it like it is. 

What would hippie Jesus do?  He'd need a lot of charisma, and to have really thought about this problem. 

I got you, had your former friend read the introduction to Michael Martin's Atheism: A Philosophical Justification he would know he is dead wrong. He tackles many of the common criticism, the arguments people render against atheists and his responses. I recommend reading it.

I'll have to check that out. Thanks.

Frankly, I would have welcomed it as an opportunity to refute his claims.  I don't see it as different from gleefully welcoming Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons into my home so I can skewer them with logic and science.  If you are uncomfortable with that, perhaps you are not as much of an atheist as you claim.  

I can see where he is not wanting to see the post. I think it would hurt to have a friend say something like that about me. Even if I could reject their claim, they have clearly shown that they do not really value my friendship and are not worth my time. I wouldn't be uncomfortable, but saddened. If it was someone who I didn't know I would have given them the best argument I had. 

Thank you. I'm seriously thinking about sending a personal message to him just to show him how it made me feel. Not as a way to stand up for my beliefs, but to show how he hurt me and is constantly hurting others. Not very Jesus like of him at all.

That's what I would do. Friends respect friends no matter what. My 3 best friends are Catholic and we respect each other rather than ridicule beliefs.


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