I had a friend from high school "friend me" on Facebook years ago. He's a preacher now and even though I'm an atheist I kept him as a friend as I had no problems with him until he started outright attacking atheist. This shouldn't come as a surprise but his most recent post became an attack on me as I know I am his only atheist friend. I unfriended him after this post. Even though I knew he was wrong and I could refute his claims, I just got tired of his hate. I attached his post below, what do you think I should have done:

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I'm glad someone stood up for me. Sometimes I get the feeling I'm alone in my thoughts that atheist don't have to be cocky. They can be thoughtful and humble. Not everyone is a Christopher Hitchens...some of us are Carl Sagans. :)

I'd just tell the guy, if I'm wrong, I'm hell bound but if he's right, he's hell bound too. All that bias, bigoted hate speak is buying him a one way ticket to be your cell mate in the here after. I'd tell him I'm keeping him as a friend so he can have all the chances he wants to either redeem his soul or cast it into hell at his convenience. Then I'd make sure he knows I think he's a self important prick and that his morals aren't so moral after all.

And then unfriend him?

No, he said he'd keep him as a friend.

I "Unfriended" him on FB but not in life. It's hard for me to burn bridges. I see no reason to do so much harm when things should be able to be made right with words and understanding.

The fact that he openly admits he is trying to bait an atheist into a theological debate was his first mistake.  In other words, he is the one "throwing the first stone" and should know better.  I once posted a re-telling of the parable of the Good Samaritan on facebook in which the Samaritan is charactered as an atheist.  It is still there.  A pastor friend of mine became irate with me and started posting on my page, and his page theological arguments against atheism, derogatory remarks and jokes about atheists, and just on and even straw-man arguments against atheism.  I was floored at his behavior. 

It was clear to me that he took the position that my retelling was an assault on the faith, and blasphemy against God.  At first I hid his posts from my wall, but eventually got rid of him altogether on my list.


Some people you simply cannot converse with in a normal manner, luckily those are the kind of people that would not waste a breath to show the world how dickish they are. The higher up in the hierarchy, the bigger the douche, pastors/priests are some of the worst offenders.

Good thing I'm not in that profession anymore then.  Apparently, I am too reasonable.

Hey Randy, pick your fights. Sometimes you can be really effective and change minds. Other times you're just opening yourself up to a giant pain in the ass.

That's very true. I know I'm not going to convert a priest. I don't have the mental prowess to keep up with all the gobbly-gook they can throw at me. I'm still a young padawan.

I unfriended him after this post.

This is always what I tell people to do. You did the right thing, good for you. People who're intellectually inferior to you of such magnitude shouldn't be on your friends list anyway. Now with a little luck, he'll get cancer and die.

Your sense of humor is hard to get used to.


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