I'm on holiday at the moment, so I was relaxed and in a good mood today when I received a message from someone on Facebook. I don't usually respond to strangers, but "Hi, I'm [name] from Algeria" seemed innocent enough, so I said hi back.

After some chitchat about the weather, our jobs and photography, he asked for my phone number. I said no, I don't do that. This is what followed (note, we are in two different countries):

Him: Not a problem

Him: I want to set up a serious relationship downright

Him: I want to put you in Islam

Him: Do you know Islam

Me: Yes, I know Islam. Why do you want to put me in it? It would mean I have to change my entire culture.

Him: The culture of Islam is not a religion of Allah. Islam is the true religion. Islam preserves the human rights of women. Islam preserves the chastity of women.

Me: I have friends who follow Islam. In South Africa, our constitution preserves the human rights of women, so I don't need a new religion. If I convert to Islam, my whole family would reject me, my boyfriend would leave me and I would lose a lot of my friends. Thank you, but Islam is not right for me and never will be.

Him: The Constitution of the woman. And his people. But Islam is from God. People believe and let God.

I saw the photos you are morsels very close to the Islamic culture.

Me: No thanks :)

Him: I want you to know Islam, and then judge him. I not want you for money and not Visa. I want that you're happy in your life.


I need to know two things. Have long-distance attempts on Facebook to convert foreigners to Islam EVER been successful? Anyone? This seems rather desperate to me. And, what photos did he see that indicated to him that I am "morsels" very close to the Islamic culture? Maybe it's just the fact that I don't post bikini photos of myself on FB that made him hopeful that I'm chaste enough for Islam.

I just found it amusing, as I've never been asked to convert to Islam by strangers on Facebook. I thought that was pretty funny. Also, it shows me how far I've come since first becoming an atheist. In the beginning, I would've entered into a furious debate, gotten frustrated and blocked the guy. Now, I'm just laughing and being really polite. I'll keep saying no thanks until he decides to bring out bigger guns than "Islam preserves chastity" (way too late, dude, by the way).


Have you ever been contacted by strangers who went from normal penpal style chitchat into trying to convert you to their whackjob religion?

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Stay away. It's bad news in every which way possible. Totsiens. Salagashle. etc...

I guess it's an indication of the amount of free time I have that I'm still allowing him to send me messages. They must have a manual of some sorts, like the ones telemarketers use, because he's already started pasting reams of text from the Koran, Muslim Review magazine and various other dodgy books. Unfortunately there is a serious language barrier here. "God ravenously revelation that this lecture will be dominant at all lectures and articles that will be provided by representatives of different religions." Hahaha. Hopeless. Totsiens!

I don't find this that surprising although I have never heard of an attempt like this before it fits with the Islamic desire to convert everyone. I guess approaching total strangers on face book is no stranger than standing on a street corner and asking if people have heard the good new's. Really with the antics of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses's, and Evangelicals this is just a new method. I have had Facebook Friends who I do not know from out side of Facebook try to recruit or preach to me but they have been Evangelicals not Muslim I do think the asking for your number right off was bold as hell though. Whatever happens good luck though.






If you think asking for my number was bold, you should see how the conversation ended! I told him that I felt as though he wasn't listening to me, since I'd repeatedly expressed my lack of interest in conversion. Defeated, he went for gold: "If asked to marry me. Do you accept? Even if you're Muslim. . And you are an atheist. As for the English language is not the language of the second." Wowzers.

Wow it really sounds like this guy was more than a little unbalanced if you haven't already you might want to think about blocking him any one that unstable could be dangerous especially when you combine the religious aspect of it all. Its up to you of course but seriously be careful in any future interactions you have with this nutter. 

"Islam preserves the chastity of women[ by miss-educating children and adults about biology, shaming or killing women who commit it, and by providing underage wives or concubines to men]."

Yep. We know, facebook guy.


I've never had somebody go for my religious conversion over Facebook. In fact, this is the first time hearing of such a thing.

Yes, I've never had it happen before. I do wonder whether he decided to start saving the world's womenfolk out of the kindness of his heart, or is he part of some sort of project; maybe it's an assignment of sorts. Either way, it's a very stupid approach to take.

Have long-distance attempts on Facebook to convert foreigners to Islam EVER been successful? Anyone? This seems rather desperate to me

If some random person contacted me claiming to have proof that their religion was true and should be followed. It would certainly get my attention, enough to check out the religion at least... so far though, there's something about that screams "don't even bother".


Have you ever been contacted by strangers who went from normal penpal style chitchat into trying to convert you to their whackjob religion?

Can't say I have... kinda wish they would at least try once in a while.


About the whole "morsel" thing, I'm guessing it is a language barrier for the most part... if not then it sounds like he wants to eat you.


Have a nice holiday!

Haha, thanks!


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