I love my father very much, and I mean it he's everything a father should be. However his religious involvement has grown since his divorce with my mom, and honestly it's annoying.
Have I considered telling him? yes, several times. But I saw his reaction towards atheism once, and I never care to see it again, much less as his son.

He hardly ever scolds me, but once on facebook i put up this comment  "being excellent is a hard job, but someones gotta do it, might as well be me" (pompus, I know, it was a joke that most people would laugh at)

Some friends of mine laughed it off and shot the usual "get over yourself", while others started spewing the religious bullshit.


Idiot said: "I believe god created us equal and that no one is better than anyone else"

 I said: "Well I made myself better" (in retrospect that sounded wrong, I meant to say that as if I modified myself, not that I literally MADE myself better than the rest)


then my father:


a) commented with religious facts

b) messaged me about the evils of pride

c) called me and said the same thing

d) told me to apologize to my friends (damn that was embarrassing, since they were not taking this seriously)


anyway, that's just one thing, facebook friends send me invitations to "jesus loves you" or " I believe in jesus" and "Im not afraid to say that I love god"....etc.


Not to mention there was this poll a friend of mine did that asked: What is true love?


a passionate romanticm relationship with your soul mate was winning until someone added god to the list, which promptly had everyone voting for him, for fear of eternal damnation.


to this I ask...Aren't there any non-public atheist groups on facebook?


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how freaky
I'm in a private/hidden atheist/agnostic group for women only - I will ask if anyone in the group knows of one that's open to men.

thanks, I appreciate it


I've requested an invitation to a hidden group called "grieving without God" and am waiting for my invite. The person who told me about that group said that there's a bigger atheist group out there too, but it requires an invitation from a group admin. Is your name on Facebook the same as on here? after I get added I can send you an invitation.
yeah, same name, no accents, just Rene Guzman. If it helps my profile picture is my face next to a celebrity look alike
Ahh, never mind.. finally found you!
Wow.  Talk about policing!  This is what happens when you only read the bible.  Give him the old "plank in the eye" verse and ask him to look at his own life first.  Then remind him about two concepts: sarcasm and ironic exaggeration.

This reminds me of how, from my experience, most Christians seem unable to graps the concepts of sarcasm, exaggeration, or parody.  That is why, depending on who you talk to, they may say:


A.  that every statement in the Bible is literally true

B.  that "secular" art, including books, movies, and music, must always be avoided, because they believe that merely making a reference to anything is automatically an endorsement

C. that sarcasm is a sin


This would also help to explain why most modern religious art and media is so bland and, well, un-artistic. 

It's always interesting to see how theists on Facebook (mostly Christians although there are other religions doing the same thing) get all up in arms about anyone daring to post something to do with atheism, but get equally offended if anyone say anything about their overtly-religious posts.


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