Explosion levels church, kills eight, and it's a miracle because...

A presumed natural gas explosion killed eight people, injured dozens of others and leveled two buildings in East Harlem, New York on Wednesday. The evangelical Spanish Christian Church occupied the first floor and basement of one building. 

Yesterday, firefighters digging through the rubble found a water-damaged Bible. Congregation members called it a miracle that the waterlogged Bible did not burn.

“I thank God,” said Carmen Vargas-Rosa, secretary of the church. “It was wonderful. I really didn’t think that anything that was paper would survive.”

The church pastor, Rev. Thomas Perez, was so overwhelmed upon being presented with the Bible that he had chest pains and was taken to a hospital.

So an explosion completely destroys the church and leaves eight people dead including five parishioners. But a damaged Bible is pulled from the debris so it's a miracle from God.

Praise His holy name!

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Waterlogged Bible didn't burn. A fucking miracle if ever there was one.

Lets just make this totally clear:

WATERlogged bible.... didn't burn... Not because of the WATER but because God spared it (unlike the lives of the eight people killed)

But people are 72-80% water (it varies) and THEY can burn!

And (you know who) can do rebirths, so...what's He waiting for?

Well now, surely the bible was waterlogged BECAUSE OF DIVINE INTERVENTION.  doG works in mysterious ways.

And yes, I know.  I need to stop calling you "Shirley."

Nah, go ahead and call him Shirley...he likes it. :)

Erh meh gerd! wet paper dusn't burn!!! prez teh lerd!!!

What +.+


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