Exploratory commission for the Think Atheist Billboard.

So there has been some chatter about getting a billboard going. But I need your help! Where would be the best location to put a billboard? Cost is also another factor. I am leaning more to the 1,000 usd price point.

Check this site out. It can help and give you quick rates. They're one of the largest outdoor businesses in the nation. (Lamar)

This is a quick snip-it of info about billboards:

Advertising on a billboard can be an effective and money-saving way for many people and businesses to advertise their services or products. Compared to other means of advertising, a billboard can be a very cost-efficient way to advertise. But how much does a typical billboard cost to put up, and is it really worth it? The cost of putting up a billboard can vary greatly. But the average figure can run anywhere from $600 to $2,500 a month. While it may sound like a lot, it is comparable to ads run in major newspapers or phone books. The biggest advantage is that a billboard is advertising for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a large number of people. In that sense, it is definitely worth the money to advertise on a billboard.
Billboard costs, of course, depend on what is on the billboard to begin with. The amount of information and graphics on a billboard will affect the cost, as well as how long you want the billboard in place. Typically, billboards are rented on a month-to-month basis. Technology has come a long way, however, in the creation of billboards. A typical advertisement is made on a computer, printed, blown up, and then glued to the billboard itself. Compared to the hand painting of years past, a timely and expensive process, it is a lot less costly to design a billboard today.

Currently I think this is the winner so far as what the billboard would say:

Not sure about God? You may Think Atheist www.ThinkAtheist.com
If you have something more crafty please share. :]
Any tips or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you know a insider in the industry that could help!

Thanks guys!

Here are some quick concepts. Please put your thoughts:

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If you're looking for a great location and controversy look no further than Irving, TX on rt 183 VERY close to the headquarters of "trinity broadcasting" which is also located right on rt 183 @ BeltLine Rd or real close. The highway runs from Dallas to Fort Worth and to DFW airport and VERY close to a new tollway 166. close to 183 and 360, close to Cowsh!tter stadium.. LOTS of traffic with plenty of high tech boards and GUARANTEED to get noticed and put on the news.. You might even catch them "good christinsanities" out there vandalizing it to give even more credibility to the billboards message.. I like something like, "Tired of waiting for the miracles that just never seem to happen? Think Atheist.. www.thinkatheist.com" or something along those lines.. ;) I used to hang billboards for a short while, but that was close to 30 yrs ago.. The high tech boards are like jumbotrons and visible 24-7 and yes, you can tie up all the messages if you have enough $$ to do it.. I LOVE the idea of stiring up the local hornets nest here..
lol Mram40 I live 30 mins away from Irving :] Great idea.
I like that last one a lot.
I got a deal for you.

I will paint "Think Atheist" on the side of my truck, and drive around town.

For a low rate of $30 a month.

Disclosure: if i start getting death threats, and or busted windshields, there will be no refund.
Hahaha! That would be sweet.
I'm being dead serious, my truck is my play thing i just get drunk and paint random things on it, and drive around in a field and in creeks, yeah fun stuff. look and these pics.




that's one of the reasons i quit drinking moonshine.
I think that the billboard should be primarily an ad for a site the same way most churches advertise for their church. I think that concept should separate the idea that we are a group of people interested in growing as opposed to some jackass group of people with a political opinion. I've always been more supportive of ads that say "hey come over and talk to us" as opposed to "This poster is telling the truth and you are stupid and wrong if you disagree".

I'm also a bigger fan of bringing out our ideas as opposed to denying others. A giant image of the cosmos with a caption implying how the universe is an expansive and complicated place. I think we need to steal the stars back from the idiots who use horoscopes. Use the mapping of the genome. Mention Sweden and how we will make the world a better place.

Use the patriot angle, use what Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson stated when appropriate. Grab onto some positive energy that we have in our beliefs to propel the truth forward.
I agree. Not only is it a more positive message, but it also makes people who protest it ( and there always are some ) look more foolish and bigoted if they are protesting a simple fact such as 'Atheists exist. We meet here'.


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