Exploratory commission for the Think Atheist Billboard.

So there has been some chatter about getting a billboard going. But I need your help! Where would be the best location to put a billboard? Cost is also another factor. I am leaning more to the 1,000 usd price point.

Check this site out. It can help and give you quick rates. They're one of the largest outdoor businesses in the nation. (Lamar)

This is a quick snip-it of info about billboards:

Advertising on a billboard can be an effective and money-saving way for many people and businesses to advertise their services or products. Compared to other means of advertising, a billboard can be a very cost-efficient way to advertise. But how much does a typical billboard cost to put up, and is it really worth it? The cost of putting up a billboard can vary greatly. But the average figure can run anywhere from $600 to $2,500 a month. While it may sound like a lot, it is comparable to ads run in major newspapers or phone books. The biggest advantage is that a billboard is advertising for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a large number of people. In that sense, it is definitely worth the money to advertise on a billboard.
Billboard costs, of course, depend on what is on the billboard to begin with. The amount of information and graphics on a billboard will affect the cost, as well as how long you want the billboard in place. Typically, billboards are rented on a month-to-month basis. Technology has come a long way, however, in the creation of billboards. A typical advertisement is made on a computer, printed, blown up, and then glued to the billboard itself. Compared to the hand painting of years past, a timely and expensive process, it is a lot less costly to design a billboard today.

Currently I think this is the winner so far as what the billboard would say:

Not sure about God? You may Think Atheist www.ThinkAtheist.com
If you have something more crafty please share. :]
Any tips or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you know a insider in the industry that could help!

Thanks guys!

Here are some quick concepts. Please put your thoughts:

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What about those new LED Billboards that change ads every few minutes?
Those are probably more expensive, not to mention providing less promotional time.
Yeah Dan did the research and found that they are more expensive and you are right after viewing one of the billboards online they only stay up for a maybe 5 seconds in the rotation.
ok, i'm probably being thick,
but i don't get the "[think][/religion]" one.

are those suppose to be sort of like html tags?
like when people use "[/sarcasm]" to indicate that what came before it was intended as sarcasm?
That was my guess. They're UBB tags, popularly used in the phpBB forums.
I didn't do that, did I? Not sure what you're referring to noisician. If I did, sorry.
hmmm... now i'm not sure what you are replying to...
certainly there's nothing you need to apologize for!
My advice would be to nail down what exactly ThinkAtheist.com is trying to do with this billboard before settling on the wording or location of the message. Who are you communicating to and why?
For example, if we are talking about getting the attention of fence sitters somewhere then I like noisician's wording, "Not sure about religion? Maybe you Think Atheist." By replacing 'God' with 'religion' you word it in a way that would likely be more appealing to those who have soured on organized religion but are still semi-attached to the god concept. If you're trying to raise a bit of a stink, however, that's not going to do the trick as it isn't all that provocative.
I concur.
ill pledge $20, not really bothered about the were and when but can we at least not be to liberal . just let us know the pay link and when.

take George
I think it's a great idea. I think you can avoid the issue of capitalization by messing around with lower case / upper case. How about this:

not sure about GOD? keep thinking.
think atheist.com
like that


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