Exploratory commission for the Think Atheist Billboard.

So there has been some chatter about getting a billboard going. But I need your help! Where would be the best location to put a billboard? Cost is also another factor. I am leaning more to the 1,000 usd price point.

Check this site out. It can help and give you quick rates. They're one of the largest outdoor businesses in the nation. (Lamar)

This is a quick snip-it of info about billboards:

Advertising on a billboard can be an effective and money-saving way for many people and businesses to advertise their services or products. Compared to other means of advertising, a billboard can be a very cost-efficient way to advertise. But how much does a typical billboard cost to put up, and is it really worth it? The cost of putting up a billboard can vary greatly. But the average figure can run anywhere from $600 to $2,500 a month. While it may sound like a lot, it is comparable to ads run in major newspapers or phone books. The biggest advantage is that a billboard is advertising for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a large number of people. In that sense, it is definitely worth the money to advertise on a billboard.
Billboard costs, of course, depend on what is on the billboard to begin with. The amount of information and graphics on a billboard will affect the cost, as well as how long you want the billboard in place. Typically, billboards are rented on a month-to-month basis. Technology has come a long way, however, in the creation of billboards. A typical advertisement is made on a computer, printed, blown up, and then glued to the billboard itself. Compared to the hand painting of years past, a timely and expensive process, it is a lot less costly to design a billboard today.

Currently I think this is the winner so far as what the billboard would say:

Not sure about God? You may Think Atheist www.ThinkAtheist.com
If you have something more crafty please share. :]
Any tips or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you know a insider in the industry that could help!

Thanks guys!

Here are some quick concepts. Please put your thoughts:

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One thing I'm not sure about. The capital G for 'God' makes it seem as if you're giving credibility to the 'only one god' idea. There are thousands to choose from, that should never be forgotten. You can get around it by making all the letters capital. Or by saying 'Not sure if there is a god?'
Most people in the U.S. are monotheistic. A capital "G" should work fine for conveying a message and won't confuse the issue by allowing people to accuse us of slander and disrespect.
But it could be seen as disrespectful if they think the message is only about their god. We saw it with the 'There's probably no god' adverts. 'Waargh! They wouldn't say There's probably no Allah!' They missed the point there of course, but with a capital G they'd have a case.
Showing that their beliefs are just a very small part of the wide choice out there is a powerful message to get across. They can already see the thousands of other religions and gods are bad ideas, and may hold the mirror up to themselves then.
Well, I think I could be persuaded either way. Maybe it comes down to the target audience. If it is fence sitters who don't accept religious claims, then which one would be the least confusing and most effective?

I still say capital G, simply because most people I know of in the United States usually wrestle with faith in a "God", not a "god" or "gods".

But I'm not married to it.
I like the idea. I think we should also make a fundraising drive on the site for this. Let people participate in something specific where they know exactly what their money is going to be doing. They will then have ownership of the billboard. They'll know the pride of doing something personally that contributed to their message getting out and they'll get to experience that personal outrage when someone vandalizes the billboard. ;)
They'll know the pride of doing something personally that contributed to their message getting out and they'll get to experience that personal outrage when someone vandalizes the billboard. ;)

haha love it :]
mehhh, "You may Think Atheist" sounds like the billboard is granting them permission. Seems kind of counter-productive.
Alright what do you think we should have Frink?
you might?
I think for deciding where to put up a billboard we should pick a few capitol cities and make a poll, similar to the Halloween contest one, with those cities and let people pick which city to put the billboard in. Or we could do a contest between the different city groups ( like Atlanta, Ga Atheists and Denver, Colo. Atheists to name a few) and whichever group has the most members by a certain date their city gets the billboard. Just some ideas.
Yeah I like the poll idea. :]
Great Idea.

Glasgow Scotland, just oootside ma hoose.



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