So, my 5 1/2 year old son was outside playing, while I was making dinner. Out of nowhere he runs inside and says, "Did you know Jesus came back from the dead on Easter?!" . I'm sure I had a horrified look on my face, and asked him where he heard that. He said, "Wyatt (a boy from his class) told me. He knew that!".  I haven't mentioned anything about religion to him, hoping to wait until he was a little older, but i should've known that wouldn't be possible. I said, "Well your daddy and I will have to have a talk with you tonight about something." He says, "About how smart I am?!". I REALLY need advice on how to discuss this with him. ADVICE, PLEASE!!!

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I think I found it.

Here is the link to the first video - The Atheist Parent pt 1 -

And here is the guys channel link -

Okay, so time to use my google-fu & find this video

I dunno if I found the one you were talking about, but hey there no dearth of videos on youtube. Here are some I found

Atheist Viewpoint - Atheist Parenting #1 (of 3)

S3E10: Atheism and Parenting by 


Parenting beyond Belief #1(of 5) by, 

PBBChannel - More on their website

I think that should be enough for now.


So being an atheist parent living in a right wing christian dominated part of South Denver, here is what we have done.  5 and 7 year old girls, we have.


We have introduced them to the Greek Gods through both books and TV shows (History Channel great!)  The Greek Gods are awesome for kids, easy to relate to and evision.  Jesus is just like Apollo or Poseiden or Thor etc...  He's just another God that some people still believe in but that they are all pretend.


"I don't believe in gods."


We have found that teaching the kids about ALL gods has been a great way to approach the subject.  Buddha. Allah, Jesus, Zeus, Zenu, etc...


Jesus just happens to be the latest in the line of gods.  It's all about the facts.


Hope that helps.



This is fantastic.  I don't have children (yet) but have constantly struggled with how I will approach this issue as a parent.  I'm frequently torn, as I was raised as a christian and independently came to realize my folly, which, as the result of said path, leads me to find value in such a personal realization.  That being said, I do acknowledge that an affinity for such a path must be simply a belief in the good of my own path and is therefore biased.  


SO, I reach my dilemma.  Which path is better (in the long term development of a modern, knowledge hungry human): the mental development and life actualization gained from self realization through denial of, and subsequent freedom achieved by questioning, one's own taught world view, or an understanding of the world based purely on the most accurate factual representation available?  


While I've still not reached my own answer, I've not yet had to make such a choice.  I thank you for providing the strategy for educating my future children on the views of the world (a wholly difficult task in itself) while keeping the knowledge on an awareness level without allowing it to manifest itself as belief.


Children are the future.  Those who disagree are wrong.


What complicates the issue of educating them is the fact that at any given point in anyones life, they are the result of all previous experiences and educations; while the right answer may be right, the path to discovering right (and questioning wrong) is really the most difficult to draw out. 


I'd rather raise a thinker who's wrong than a believer who's luckily right.

Your not right on the facts about Jesus. He is not the lates in the line of gods. He is the most spoken of on this planet we call earth. He was the One which was to set man free of sin. Almost 10000 years ago, it was written & was stated in fullfillment of the scriptures. It was said thousand years ago the Messiah will come, & he did. There is no God but One, embrace him & things will change for you.

Everything Science brings to the table like evolution is only theoretically believed in. Theories are not the truth, they are only percieved as "being possible", yet here it is again a belief only. We didnt come from Monkeys or from sludge. I guess will all see the truth once we die......LOL I feel sorry for all who do not believe. The One is the Greatest scientist of all....he is the cloud of the universe. Think of him as the main computer that we are all connected too.  Ill pray for you.


Everything Science brings to the table like evolution is only theoretically believed in.

Do you have any scientific credentials to make a statement like that?

Jesus told him!
What, are they drinking buddies? Or do they play golf together?
I don't know. Christians usually say they have a personal relationship with Jesus, if you know what I mean.

First sentence:   YOUR not right on your word choice and grammar in the english language...


You are = you're,  not your.  (If only churches taught English too.)


Also, just to throw this out there:  Almost 10,000 years ago?  1) This would be before your supposed 6,000 year old world began, 2) The earliest signs of written language we've uncovered have been from the Sumerians, something like 3500-2900 BC (5,000 years ago).  Now, if there does exist evidence of language before from before that time that we've not yet uncovered (such as your claimed scriptures), they can't be the ones you're talking about because we haven't found them.


I invite you to actually educate yourself on the "theory" of evolution, though it surely is much easier to yell about something you don't understand.  And as far as "theories" of science go, how's gravity working out for you?  Maybe a little better explanation of the solar system than the church told you?  Or do you still have faith that the Earth is still, centered, and surrounded by different rotating orbs of increasing perfection up to the heavens and the holy choir?


 Science trumps religion because evidence is true regardless of belief. 


And good luck after death.  Keep praying, or better, do something useful.


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