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Favorite Browsers
For android:

I use Opera Mini to save bandwidth while reading TA, but I find problems with drop-down menus and posting replies.

I use Chrome to post replies, but I find it uses significantly more bandwidth than Opera Mini.

In both browsers, I like using the app Browser Switch to quickly load the same page in the other browser. It works via each browser's Share function.
If this covers iPads too, let me tell you my inability to get a paragraph break in a pm, coupled with the absence of 'boxes' when I post enabling embedding, quotes or other stuff is so frustrating!
I'm having that same experience on android, at least on my phone. It used to work for me, but something changed, it seems (for me) about a month ago.
I haven't tried chrome. I've been using safari as a default browser. I might take a look see if it helps any
Viewing TA in "Desktop" mode
I much prefer Desktop view, despite having to learn to use two fingers to expand or move the screen area around on my tiny little phone.

Desktop view can be enabled via the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the TA web page, and/or an option in your browser. I notice that using the TA (i.e. Ning) option sticks better from day to day than does the browser option, but note that to turn OFF the TA Desktop view option, one must scroll all the way to the bottom of the TA page to click on the "mobile" view option there.
For me, in my Opera Mini browser the TA (i.e. Ning) drop-down menu doesn't work... it just blinks at me. But surmizing that this must control a cookie setting, I discovered an URL I could use to switch TA into desktop view! (Arghh... sorry, I have to update this post later with that special URL, when I can find it again.)


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