Hi guys,

 What do you think of exorcism ? I know that almost all religions practice it , so have you ever met or witnessed a sceen where a ''possessed'' person is (exorcised) ?

As an ex muslim , I know that the Islamic way of exorcism is done by reciting some verses from the Koran ,  I once was watched the action ..... There happened a strange thing I still cannot explain!!!

 The 'possessed' patient after hearing those verses started to yell and talk in a voice that was not hers ,  it was a rough accent and later when I asked the Imam , the exorcist, about that voice , he told me , the one who was talking and yelling was a Jinni ,  demon , and not the girl .

  people here take exorcism for granted and think that it is a miracle because it is done by reciting verses from the koran ; they are not aware of the fact that  almost all religions have their own vrsions of exorcism !


 What does science have to say about this ? I made some search on the net but I really wanna know what you think ?

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I remembered that movie called,

The exorcism of emily rose...

Poor girl, she just had epilepsy..that's all..

hi, Hope , I already know that you are an ex-muslim .... so have you ever witnessed any of those sceens I am talking about ?
three reasons.
exorcisms are scams for the most part, in which case you get that effect or the person performing the exorcism is just beating the crap and screaming at a sinner or someone who did something the church dislikes like the instance where they drowned a gay teen because they were "ridding him" of his "gay demon". or another common one is they mistake dementia, schizophrenia, another mental condition for a demon
I agree with you Will, I think everyone on this website does ... we are just trying to get the best scientific explanation , thanks a lot  for sharing !
my pleasure.
The symptoms by which mental illness manifests are highly influenced by the social environment.
Do you mean that the  '' possessed'' behaves in a specific way when being exorcised because he or she is expected to react in that specific way ; that the sub-conscious of the patient stocks previous experiences or stories about exorcism !! or did I miss tour point Sir ?
yes, and the even ways in which people go crazy is determined to some extent by their society.
That's a very good explanation !! it does explain a lot to me ... thanks Doug


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