I'm an Egyptian ex-Muslim Atheist and I'm am residing illegally in Denmark with my girlfriend (who is Danish) as I am scared to go back to my home country and get arrested or tortured for criticizing Islam. I have been legally traveling between Europe and North America every three months for the past two years, and I literally spent every cent from my savings doing that. I have no home where I can get back to in Egypt and my family doesn't accept me for rejecting Islam. I have thought a lot about applying for Asylum but I discovered that only 33% of applicants succeed in their case. I also spoke with many people over here who are extremely supportive but are also confused about whether I should apply for Asylum or not as if I get deported back to Egypt my chances of survival would be minimal.

My hatred towards Islam started when I saw how violent and immoral that religion is. I have been taught as a child that Islam is the one true religion and that anyone that is not Muslim is considered to be an enemy and I simply couldn't accept that kind of logic. I was lucky enough to travel around the world, explore other cultures and I was mostly fascinated with Scandinavian countries and how peaceful they are. I also happen to love Islam's number one enemy: Science, and thanks to it, I became who I am today.

I am extremely confused and sad about the life I'm living, I've never felt freedom before and I hope to be part of a secular society that wouldn't kill or torture me for my own freedom of thought. I am also psychologically frustrated as I feel chained to something that I don't and will never belong to.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

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If you get deported, how grave exactly will your crime be? Is there any chance you can pretend to repent, or deny your apostasy in some way to be safe?

Apostasy is punishable by death. Though not clearly written  in holy books but that is the accepted practice among the muslims

*cough* The asylum rejection rate in Norway is 30% and the processing time is 3 weeks if you are cooperative. I would advise you to do this quickly as there is currently a very high influx of asylum seekers which will lead to a tightening of the rules, especially with the new government which comes in next month.

And the beauty of it is any Danish you have learned so far will carry over fairly well.  Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are so similar that most linguists consider them dialects rather than separate languages.  Were it not for the happenstance of them being separate countries today there's probably be no controversy on that.

Best of luck, wherever you end up!

Weeeeelll... Can you understand Begbie's English accent?

Begby has a Scottish accent.

You have a good point, immigration lawyers won't do him much good in the Nordics.

I suggest you explore the possibilities within the European Community countries, as acceptance by any of them will give you the right to reside in any of them.  Alternately, have you and your girlfriend considered the possibility of marriage?

If you are really serious, I suggest you visit this forum, which is one of the few legit Ex Muslim forums out there


Go talk to the mods there, and they have connection with Maryam Namazi, an Iranian born British Ex Muslim Atheist and a Human rights activist, who is the leading voice in the Ex Muslim Community,


But that Ex Muslim forum will be your best bet. I have a been a member there for a long time and we receive messages from Ex Muslims like you all the time. Good Luck

Hello fellow ex-Muslim,

I understand your plight, luckily for me I was a revert to begin with and never lived in an Islamic nation.

I would say to go for the asylum seeking, like others have said, do your research and go prepared, get advice from others who have succeeded in their applications.

If all else fails, maybe you can go backpacking around the world and seek donations, start a blog about your experiences, earn money that way...

Or pretend to be Muslim just enough to not get killed.  Egypt isn't Saudi Arabia, so it isn't *that* bad, it isn't like everything shuts down every day for salat, as far as I'm aware, but I could be wrong, sorry.

Don't be stubborn though and lose your life when it would not benefit anyone to do so.  Just play your cards the best you can.  

Try to marry someone from another country, get citizenship that way, or a work visa, or find asylum somewhere else.  I think the UK gives asylum pretty easily if you're in danger of being beheaded because of your apostasy... 

I wish I could help more bro

Thank you all for your support and I apologize for my disappearance as I went and applied for Asylum here in Denmark (Sandholm) and I'm waiting for my first interview which will be in December. I've spoken with a couple of immigration officers and people from the Red Cross and I've heard mixed thoughts from them. Some said that my case is very easy, others said that it's difficult but winnable if sufficient material is provided. To be honest, I'm not very optimistic.

Thank you all once again.


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