Hi all,

Im a college student from Egypt, and wanted to introduce myself, I come from a religious but moderate family, my journey to leaving religion was very slow, it started out as small doubts that began from disillusionment from events in Egypt that made me question the mainstream religious figures and teachings of islam but I always said to myself the true heart of islam cannot be this corrupt but the more I looked the more I became suspicious and sometimes shocked, and ofcourse Islam's complete ignorance and denial of science like denial of evolution. I was like this until I reached a point that I didnt want islam to affect my view of the world and affect my life.

I am currently an agnostic not an athiest, that may not sound impressive but atleast I finally rejected religion and dont I think I will be ever going back to it. and I have a great sense of freedom now because of that. the problem is it can get pretty lonely to have to keep it all to myself as i didnt confront anybody with it, and life in egypt is already hard without making it harder on myself.

Anyway its great to be here and hope to have interesting discussions with you guys.

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Hi there,

Welcome to ThinkAtheist and congratulations on your bold journey. I am pleased that you used the word freedom to define how your feel about leaving religion behind. One of my chief issues with organised religions is the way they seek to deny an individual's freedom by indoctrinating them into the "truth".

I am lucky enough to live in a country where atheism is not a stigma (England) but I sympathise with you regarding not being able to talk about it. Hopefully on these forums you will find your true voice!

Hello the Voids and welcome to TA!!! There is a couple of groups on TA with lots of ex-Muslims...and we are always so happy to hear from new members like yourself! you'll find that many people on this forum have undergone similar experiences as you, from many different faiths.

What are you studying in school?

Thanks for the welcome :) Im studying Computer Science.

Hi, this group might be of interest to you.

Congratulations. I understand that your situation makes being an atheist a sometimes diffcult position, but the freedom you have gained and the clearer perceptions of the world around you are priceless. You don't need to confront the religious, making your life unnecessarily difficult. You don't even need to define yourself or your life in terms of atheism. Rather, you have gained a valuble insight into yourself and others as you pursue your goals and passions. Being an atheist is a personal choice to live your life on your own terms, using your reason and intellect to guide you. :)

Thanks for the kind words, that is definitely what I hope to do. :)

Hi it is nice to see you here.  I am living in a Muslim country too so I can understand you I guess. But you know without religion life is more easy to live ... 

Keep reaching out. There are pockets of free thinkers in surprising places sometimes. I find that the initial agnostic/atheist loneliness is really more about realizing that the cradle of one's society no longer fits the man. IE, it is cognitive rather than personal/relational. It can take awhile to re-welcome religious people into your life though. Just as the move from religion can take years, so too can forming the skills and strength necessary to become the cradle for others and relate honestly with religious people or areligious people with equal compassion. You can never get back the warm naive feeling of going with the herd, and there can be significant grief there, so be patient with yourself.

Yes its a fact that religious cant seem to understand once you reach the point of realising the religion you 'wasted' your life in has no evidence to support it there is no going back.
No amount of debating or twisted logic will work on you the only thing that will work is evidence but they cannot accept that to them its just so obvious they are right that you have to be wrong.
Does not help that they are taught atheists are dishonest liars any evidence we show them is instantly ignored because we are evil and untrustworthy.
It is essential that you find friends with common interests and at least your in the right place for that.
I know personally i got really into learning since it was almost forbidden religions rightly realising knowledge is dangerous to them convince people not to be curious.
The number of times ive had theists argue evolution is wrpmg yet dont even understand the simple definitions of scientific wordz let alone anythjng about evolution its unbelievable.
Debating something you dont understand is just ludicrous lol. I know the christian book well specifically so i can debate it. To be honest after i found out about the real historical mohammid i decided not to read the Quran so i don't debate it.

It is impressive when someone from a fundamentalist faith becomes an agnostic. There are many agnostics here. What was going through your mind when you finally abandoned a firm belief in god?


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