Evolution can not explain the existence of creationists, concedes D...


‘It’s a flaw in our argument, for sure,’ said Dawkins today. ‘By any reading of evolutionary theory, creationists ought to have died out ages ago. They serve no function in the planet’s ecosystem, and no other species has survived so long while in such fundamental disagreement with observable reality. If I wasn’t such an ardent believer in secular materialism, I’d wager this is really troubling Darwin in the afterlife.’




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LOL. Thanks

existance of creationists via group selection, perhaps? Social cohesion?


That is snarky Dawkins, rational Dawkins knows that the 80/20 rule will always give us plenty of creationists, scratch-off lottery players and contestants for Jersey Shore. He is an etholgist who understands the aggregate behavior of large populations after all.
Indeed weeding out the creationist gene from the gene pool could take at least a few more generations.
I get the impression we're doing quite well though. Well, in western Europe at any rate...

Mr Dawkins, with all respect due, you're on the wrong train of thought.

You don't need evolution to figure out why there are still creationists on this planet.

Simple logic is enough.

Consider this:

The dead, they don't know they're dead - it's the others who suffer because they're dead.

The stupid - ditto. They don't know they're stupid - and the others suffer because they're stupid.

Therefore, stupidity is like death.

Creationists are stupid, therefore they're like the dead, and thus can't die out.


Actually, that logic is evolutionarily based, though the idea of evolution as meaning "survival of the fittest" is so logical that we don't even recognize it as Darwin's theory of evolution.   Unfortunately belief in creationism does seem to have some adaptive pressure.  It's counterpart, understanding of evolution, has certain implications for religious beliefs.  Other parts of these religious beliefs, however, serve a survivalist advantage (being kind to your neighbor with the implication that your neighbor is then kind to you, offering emotional support, etc) and thus have propagated for centuries.  They have not had time to fully adapt to the implications of evolution, and I see creationism as a step in this process of adaptation.

Brilliant and funny, thanks for the link, any of you read the other articles ?

I just love the article :Rupert Murdoch launches subscription-only dreams app, The Nightly


"Those wanting more dangerous dreams can press the red button for a selection of ‘Fox News Nightmares’, including being chased down the street by a naked Glenn Beck and waking up screaming as you discover that you have just spent the night with Sarah Palin."

Fracking brilliant.



the ideas of human beings are too often like viruses. Dont tread on my memes
The sad truth is highly educated populations tend to have low birth rates. Witness Germany and Japan's population decline. The U.S. would be on the decline if it did not have a vigorous immigration policy. Meanwhile Islamic countries are experiencing population booms.  How about that Christian lady on TLC with the 19 Kids.Some truth to the lyrics "Only stupid people are breeding."

Meanwhile Islamic countries are experiencing population booms.


It varies a lot, actually. At the moment fertility rates in Tunisia or Algeria are about 1.7 children/woman, less than France (about 2). The average fertility rate in Muslim-majority countries is only about 3 children/woman today, and declining:



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