So I am having an exchange with a Christian:

Xtian: Doesn't this ruin the theory of billions of years -

Me: What are you on about?

Xtian: If evolution is true, these dinosaur bones should be millions of years old, therefore it is impossible that any organic materials should be found in the fossils.

Me: "The study findings...solidify the case for the preservation of cells and possibly DNA in ancient remains." - the bones are still millions of years old, you're just making a false assumption saying it's impossible for organic materials to survive for millions of years."“The data thus far seem to support the theory that these structures can be preserved over time,” Schweitzer says. “Hopefully these findings will give us greater insight into the processes of evolutionary change.”"

Xtian: Well evolutionists have said that it is impossible for a while and many have been denying these claims of dinosaur cells, up until now that there is overwhelming evidence.
Where are the links in evolutionary chains anyway. There have been a few cases where they thought they found connections in the chain. All of them so far have turned out to be either a mixture of different species bones put together or a known creature which was deformed or disabled. You can hardly call that science.
My point is that I don't care if people believe in evolution, but don't call it a science, when it is more like a religion.



So what are the thoughts on my reply!?


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   I suppose that a case could be made that evolution is a religion if it is a belief blindly held by uneducated, ignorant people.  But for those who have actually studied, experimented, and tested the theory empirically, it is NOT religion, it is solid, unimpeachable SCIENCE.  Evolution HAPPENED.  It has ALWAYS happened.  It IS happening now.  It always WILL happen.  It MUST happen.  It cannot NOT happen.  Life and evolution are inextricably linked as a single process.  If and when evolution comes to and end, so, too, will all life.  Life IS evolution.


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